Rhode Island Sector

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Rhode Island Sector
Flag of Rhode Island.svg
General information
LocatedRhode Island
Sector founded2021
Sector founded by State of Faltree
Nations in area9 active,
3 inactive
Organisations in areaGlobal Micronational Union
Rhode Island Consortium
Notable people in areaHunt P.
Jaime P. III
Terry McKeen III
Christian Briones
Grant Taylor

The Rhode Island Sector is a term used to categorise micronations located geographically within the US state of Rhode Island. The term was coined in 2021 by Hunt Powell, Commander of the State of Faltree. Currently there are 9 active micronations within the sector and 3 inactive nations.



Recorded micronational history in the sector begins with the Sovereign Kingdom of Kivinesaar in 2011. During its' activity, Kivinesaar performed Operation Rosebud, considered to be the first conflict within the sector. Around 2012 the kingdom has been inactive completely. In 2014 came the Union of Bristol, which wasn't officially the Union of Bristol until 2017. There is relatively little info about the Union of Bristol other than it has undergone a period of inactivity since 2018. The Philippines 2 is a micronation established in 2018 that was based in the city of Warwick. It was primarily a joke micronation and has been inactive since 2018. From March 2018 to May 2019 micronations in Rhode Island would undergo a period of total inactivity.

List of nations

Below is a list of nations in the sector be it active, inactive, or defunct.

Active nations

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
AWR.png Aleunnic Workers' Republic Red Heights 2 0.04 km²
Flag of Anarcho-capitalism.svg Apeborea Unknown 9 Unknown
Arcadian Presidential Flag.png Grand Principality of Arcadia New Amesston 57 Unknown
Flag of Ausveria.svg Ausverian Volksrepublik
Reichskommissariat Catainia
Brittany ~25
1 (Catainia)
0.06 km²
Flag of Bepistan.svg Bepistani Reich
Territory of Scalloptown
Laptevograd Unknown 0.31 km²
Flag of Faltree.svg State of Faltree New Havre 93 4.54 km²
Flag of the Republic of Friuli.png Republic of Friuli New Metro Manila ? ?
Hasullahstan.svg Republic of Hasullahstan Magmedovgrad 13 2.04 km²
LatalleMonarchy.png Latalle Unknown Unknown Unknown
Flag of Nortenland.svg Kingdom of Nortenland
Fieldwark Unknown
1 (Norsex)
0.22 km²
UnitedOceanStates.jpg Federal Republic of Ocean States Tulateville 9 0.142 mi²
Flag of Shmeeb.png Commonwealth of Shmeeb New Smeebia City Unknown Unknown
Flag of Vulhalin.svg Empire of Vulhalin
Dominion of Passeonkquis
Wasusu 9
1 (Passeonkquis)
0.01 km²
UNDflag.png United Nation of Degenerates District of Theateria 56 Unknown
ZepranaNEwFlag.jpg Federal Republic of Zeprana Wyoming 23 Unknown

Inactive nations

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
Noflag.svg Union of Bristol Mjanfédituða 7 11.7 mi²
Flag of Altai Republic.svg Sovereign Kingdom of Kivinesaar Barakk 21 200 m²
Noflag.svg The Philippines 2 Unknown Unknown Unknown

Defunct or former nations

Flag State Capital Pop. Area
Flag of the Aleunnic Czardom.png Aleunnic Czardom N/A 0 0.017 km²
Aleunnicflag.svg Aleunnic Empire N/A 20 61,000 yd²
Flag of Avyanna and Taijana.png Republic of Avyanna and Taijana New Metro Manila ? ?
Flag of the Queendom of Aquariana.svg Csardom of Aquariana N/A 1 773.8 m²
Flag of the Queendom of Aquariana.svg Queendom of Aquariana Windexmia 2 Unknown
Blechlin.jpeg Blechlin Union Unknown Unknown Unknown
DBNAState.svg Dominion of British North America
Croshmior County
Goddard County
N/A 2 (Territorial) Unknown
Flag of Coolio 1..png Commonwealth of Coolio Fort Carolina Unknown Unknown
RTEC.png Republics of The East Coast Unknown Unknown Unknown
Union of Mountain States.png Eastern UMS Bighorn 16 89.57 acres
EchlinUnion.jpg Echlin Union, later as Echlin Empire Unknown Unknown Unknown
FEprovisional.png Faltree-Eureka Provisional Government Bighorn 5 Unknown
Finlandia.png Republic of Finlandia Unknown Unknown 88.0596 km²
Flag of Kapreburg 2020.svg Empire of Kapreburg
Providence Rock
Charriot'sVille 0 Unknown
LatalleMonarchy.png Latalle Monarchy N/A ~6 Unknown
Flag of New Manila.png Free State of New Manila New Berlin ? ?
The States of Qucker.png United States of Qucker Werti (presumed) 6 (presumed) Unknown
RichmondiaFlag.png Republic of Richmondia Unknown Unknown Unknown
Scherzerbet.jpeg Extremely Fast State of Scherzer None Unknown Unknown
Flag of Tueoedeth.png Republic of Tueoedeth
Bald Rock Territory
Tueoedeth City 0 (Territorial) 0.06 km²
Federation of Ocean States.png United Ocean States Tulateville Unknown Unknown
Vulhalin.png Federal Republic of Vulhalin N/A No official census Unknown
Wohlstand Vereinigung.png Wohlstand Vereinigung Shawsburg, New Havre No official census Unknown
Flag of United Yeno.png Tzardom of Yeno N/A 4 0.011 km²
DPU.png Degenerate People's Union Vlasovgrad Unknown 226.69 m²
Westly Republic Flag.png Westly Republic Snowy Hok ? ?

Sector organizations

Rhode Island organizations

Organizations located entirely within Rhode Island.

Flag Organization Date founded
RIAflag.png Rhode Island Consortium 17 February 2022


Organizations involved within Rhode Island.

Flag Organization Date founded
Flag of the United Nations.svg United New England Micronations 21 April 2022