Reichskommissariat Catainia

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Reichskommissariat Catainia
—  Territorial Entity belonging to Ausveria  —

Nickname(s): None
Country Ausveria
Founded May 5th 2021
 - Reichskommissar Position Vacant
 - Total 0
Time zone Eastern standard time

Reichskommissariat Catainia is a territory of Ausveria located in Rhode Island that was established on May 5th, 2021.


Reichskommissariat Catainia was presented as a gift to Ausveria from the Nation of Faltree.

name origin

The name Catainia originated from a fictional empire called the Empire of Catainia which was made up by chancellor Fredrick M. in his childhood. The fictional Kingdom was ruled by Emperor Antonio which was the chancellors childhood cat and was inhabited by a mixture of Humans and anthropomorphic animals most of whom were cats. Catainia existed on a fictional Island in the Atlantic ocean alongside other fictional nations.


The Reichskommissar of catainia is undecided.