Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector

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Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector
General information
LocatedGolden Horseshoe to Kingston
Sector founded1 Februrary 2020
Nations in areaRefer to Nations section.
Notable people in areaAshley Jaax
Jayden Lycon
Stefan I, Tsar of the Great Lawl Reich
Nicholas Lokin

The Greater Toronto - Kingston Sector or the Ontario Shore Sector refers to micronations within an area from Golden Horseshoe up to Kingston, Ontario.



* = Capital in sector
Sector Pop. (Total Pop.) = Population
State Geographic Date Established Population
Flag English Short & Formal Name Domestic Short & Formal Name Capital Largest City Area Nearest Canadian City
Great Lawl Reich* N/A Butugychag City 1,575.4 km2 Unknown 17 February 2014 1 (1)
Baustralia Kingdom of Baustralia* Cascadia 6.3 km2 Kingston, Ontario 20 June 2017 192 (211)
Iustus Empire of Iustus* Curtis City Unknown Unknown 15 February 2018 6 (Unknown)
Abode of Heaven* Unknown Unknown Unknown Toronto, Ontario 25 July 2018 1 (1)
Unknown Havenfall Empire of Havenfall Unknown Unknown Unknown Toronto, Ontario 11 Feburary 2019 Unknown[1]
Hoffland Republic of Hoffenland* Pond-City Unknown Toronto, Ontario March 2019 23 (23)
Humberlea Sovereign Kingdom of Humberlea* Fort Emery Unknown Toronto, Ontario 14 December 2019 38 (105)
Atiera – Kingdom of Atiera* Amicae Unknown Barrie, Ontario 30 May 2020 7 (19)
Paxaris – Second Kingdom of Paxaris* Paxari: Súkiad – Tuon Kangeda ta Súkiad

English: Paxaris – Second Kingdom of Paxaris

Nativine Columbus Unknown Toronto, Ontario 4 September 2021 10 (10)


State Geographic Dates Population (at Peak)
Flag English Short & Formal Name Domestic Short & Formal Name Capital Largest City Nearest Canadian City Date Established Date Dissolved
Petorio Republic of Petorio* English: Petorio – Republic of Petorio

Spanish: Petorio – República de Petorio

Petorian: Petorio – Republico de Petorio

South Pickering Toronto, Ontario 26 September 2008 2010 12 (Unknown)
Renasia Free State of Renasia English: Renasia – Free State of Renasia

Veletan: Renaziahu'tl Renaziahu'gr' Tucco'rutl

Russian: Реназия Свободное Государство Реназия

N/A Hitchen Toronto, Ontario 2012 5 May 2015 Unknown
Matachewan Kingdom of Matachewan* English: Matachewan – Kingdom of Matachewan

Polish: Matachewan – Królestwo Matachewan

Oblate City St. Catharines, Ontario 30 June 2015 3 October 2022 Unknown
Unknown Marlborough Principality of Marlborough* Cross Island Toronto, Ontario 15 February 2018 5 May 2019 Unknown
Aenderia Various* Noyan Unclear Toronto, Ontario 2 June 2018 June 1 2021 Unknown
Floriland – Republic of Floriland* L'arbre Unknown Toronto, Ontario 4 April 2021 Unknown 5 (Unknown)



Although not solely in the sector, a majority of the Humberlean population and capital is located within it. These include the provinces and cantons of Emery City, Humbermede, Fort Madison and Coulter.''

  1. It is unclear via Microwiki and other sources if Havenfall has dissolved.