Oblate City

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Oblate City
City and Capital of Matachewan
Flag of Oblate City
"Industry and Morality"
Country Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
Founded28 July 2019
 • Duke/Duchess of OblateDuchess Jessica of Oblate City
 • Total0.0241 km2 (0.0093 sq mi)
 • Total10
Time zoneEST

Oblate City is the current capital of Matachewan and seat of power of Matachewan's Monarchy. The city is the main center of Matachewanian Industry and Culutre. Oblate City was given official status as a city in July 2019 when the Matachewanian Government moved operations to St. Catharines Ontario.


Oblate City is named after the street it is based on called Oblate Street. It is not known where the name came from but it is known that the street and area were connected to Facer Street (Oldest Street in St. Catharines) and it was the center of the Polish community of St. Catharines, at one point the whole area around the street was Polish speaking. It is believed by Matachewan that the name Oblate comes from a missionary or priest from Poland due to the fact the street was made alongside a Polish Catholic Church. Other than speculations and theories it is not known exactly where the name Oblate comes from.


The history of Oblate City is very shot compared to Matachewan itself. Oblate City was first mentioned back during the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth as the St. Catharines Territory. This territory was the then and current home of Brandon Mierzwa but was still considered a secondary city with the capital still being located in Matachewan Ontario the founding place of the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan and the area that Brandon had been visiting every year before the establishment of Matachewan as a nation.

During MP Commonwealth

During the Matachewanian-Prussian Commonwealth Oblate City was known as St. Catharines Territory. The territory never made it to official colonial status and was idle for most of the Commonwealth's existence.

Grand Kingdom of Matachewan (After Commonwealth)

Localization Plan (Capital City established)




The representative of Oblate city since its creation has always been a member of the Mierzwa Family. The current representative is Duchess Jessica of Oblate City.

Number Picture Name Political party Took office Left office Notes
1 HM Brandon I of Matachewan Independent 28 September 2019 6 January 2020 Founder and current ruler of Matachewan, assumed the position as Duke of Oblate during the city's founding. On 2 November 2019 Brandon created the only local Matachewanian Military force based in Oblate City the 1st Royal Oblate Rifles (Formerly St. Catharines Royal Infantry). Brandon also controls the only workshop in Oblate City which is primarily a military workshop that produces homemade weapons for the Matachewanian Army. Brandon gave the position of Duke to his sister Jessica Mierzwa on 6 January 2020.
Duchess Jessica of Oblate City Patriotic Front 6 January 2020 Present Appointed by her brother Brandon Mierzwa to the position of Duchess of Oblate City. Jessica has yet to do much with the position but wishes to further add to the culture of the city to create a truly Matachewanian city.