Jessica Mierzwa

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Her Royal Highness
Jessica Mierzwa
Grand Princess of Matachewan, Duchess of Oblate City

Jessica Mierzwa
Official Photograph of Jessica Mierzwa
Duchess of Oblate City
In office
January 5th, 2020 - Present
King Brandon Mierzwa
Prime Minister Ashton C.
Duchess of Oblate City Jessica Mierzwa
Predecessor Office Established
Matachewanian Council of Generals
In office
January 6th, 2020 - Present
King Brandon Mierzwa
Premier Xavier Jackson
Predecessor Council Established
Prime Minister Ashton C.
Premier Xavier Jackson
Successor N/A
Personal information
Born October 20th, 2006
St. Catharines, Ontario
Citizenship Canadian, Matachewanian
Nationality Matachewanian
Ethnicity Polish-Canadian
Political party Progressive Conservative Party of Matachewan
Relations Brandon Mierzwa (Brother)
Residence St. Catharines
Occupation Student
Religion Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Grand Kingdom of Matachewan
Rank General Broni

Jessica Mierzwa, born 20 October 2006 is the Duchess of Oblate City, General Broni in the Matachewanian Armed Forces and Sister of Brandon I of Matachewan.



Jessica Mierzwa was born on October 20th, 2006 to the parents of Andrew Mierzwa and Nichole Gauthier. In Jessica's elementary years she was a very smart and advanced girl who would often enjoy the outdoors and taking strolls in the park. In her later years of her childhood, mostly 2018, 2019 her brother Brandon Mierzwa started becoming involved in military organizations and his military lifestyle started to influence his sister in ways, because of this the two became more distant for awhile but nevertheless Jessica still kept her sense of hope and interest in what she liked most and that was the arts, more specifically drawing. She would later go on to win awards at her School St. Alfred for her moving speeches. In January of 2020, Brandon approached her with Matachewanian Citizenship which she took happily and enthusiastically because just a day later she joined up with Matachewan's Armed Forces. Jessica would later go on to spectate and look over much of local Matachewan while still checking in with the government server and globals. Today, Jessica continues her passion for art and still serves with pride in Matachewan's Army.

Role and Career in Matachewan

Enlistment in Matachewan's Armed Forces

On January 6th 2020, Jessica Mierzwa enlisted in the Matachewanian Armed Forces and began training at the Royal Palace a week later alongside General Broni Beau Edwards and General Brygady Simon Fraser. Jessica received the Rank of General Broni on the night of training and became Matachewan's First, be it poorly, trained General. She wouldn't take much part in Matachewan's Global Military Activities preferring to train locally till her deployment.

Present Day