Labour Party of Matachewan

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Labour Party of Matachewan
ChairmanRobert Smith
Deputy ChairmanBeau Edwards
Party LeaderRobert Smith
Sejm LeaderThomas Bainbridge
Founded16 May 2020
NewspaperThe People’s Voice
IdeologySocial Monarchy
ColorsPink (#ea5b6f)
SloganBuilding A Better Matachewan
AnthemSolidarity Forever
Major Offices
1 / 3
Sejm Seats
4 / 12
Cabinet Positions
3 / 6
Total Membership
12 / 23

The Labour Party of Matachewan, also known as the Labour Party and formerly known as the Social Union, is a political party in the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, and has the most members than any other Matachewanian party. It is also the most left-wing party in Matachewan[citation needed], with its chairman describing it as “Social Democracy but we like monarchy”. While it has no predecessor, the party consists mostly of former members of the United Northern Liberal Party and the Patriotic Front.



The party was made on 16 May 2020, between many former Liberals and ProCons who left their parties. It was created to be devoted to the reform of Matachewan and in particular corruption in the justice system formed by then-Premier of Global Affairs Christina Nowell.[1]

Liberal Monarchist Join

On 20 May 2020, the Liberal Monarchist Party joined the Labour Party in return for a promise of being in the Labour Party Government.

June Premier Campaign

On the June elections, the Labour Party was quick to nominate Robert Smith for Premier and many different members of the party ran for the office of Sejm. At first, the opponents of Robert Smith were Nicholas Lokin and Sullivan. Andreas of the Patriotic Front(now a member of the Solidarity Party) decided not to run, and in the beginning he, along with along with Otto Gillespie Birch of the Islamic Green Weeb Party, endorsed Robert Smith.

Throughout to the campaigning which happened in May Robert kept a great lead over Nicholas, his main opponent, and in the only pre-election poll Robert had around 90% of the vote. Even worse for Nicholas was that his party completely joined the Labour Party except for Nicholas himself. Yet two days before actual voting began Chris Ramsay of the Progressive Conservatives joined the race, causing Nicholas to drop out and endorse him and the ProCons to endorse him. Chris, a former premier himself, was still extremely popular in the nation and thus the race got a lot closer. Although to combat this the party published on 31 May the “ProCon Papers” which documented how Chris had committed supposedly "impeachable actions while he was Premier".[citation needed] About 31 minutes after elections began Smith gave his last speech in VC to multiple members of the Labour Party, ProCons, Liberals, and Independents.[citation needed] The end result of the election turned out to be a lot better for Robert Smith than first expected, considering Chris' popularity, with Robert being elected as Premier.

Electoral history

Electoral history of the Labour Party
Election Date Result
Premier elections, May 2020 31 May - 1 June Elected Premier
Sejm elections, June 2020 1 July Majority gained
Emergency Sejm election, July 2020 5-6 July Did not run candidate
Sejm elections, July 2020 31 July - 1 August Majority gained
Premier elections, August 2020 1-2 August Lost Premiership
Premier elections, October 2020 1-2 October Did not gain Premiership, appointed Deputy Premier
Sejm elections, October 2020 1-3 October Formed Government with Solidarity


During the Labour Party's tenure as the Social Union, it promised to "restore confidence in the government, reform Matachewan's government, rebuild the economy of Matachewan," and "reinvest in Matachewan's future".[2] It also advocated for the localization of Matachewanian politics.


  1. Social Union Manifesto "...[Premier Christina] Nowell has illegally given themselves the right to appoint judges. Furthermore [Premier] Nowell has assumed both the office of Premier of Global Affairs, yet still has themselves as Minister of Justice. This shows complete disregard for separations of power, and shows that [Premier] Nowell would rather make a court that favors themselves than build a non-partisan court."
  2. Social Union Manifesto