Solidarity Party of Matachewan

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Solidarity Party of Matachewan
ChairmanXavier Jackson
Vice ChairmanAndreas Hudson
IdeologySocial democracy
Political positionCenter-left
Official colors     Pink
1 / 1
Sejm Seats
3 / 12
Cabinet Positions
1 / 6

The Solidarity Party of Matachewan, also known as the Solidarity Party, is a center-left political party in the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan. The Solidarity Party holds 3 seats in the Grand Sejm, along with the premiership. The current chairman of the party is Xavier Jackson.



The Solidarity Party of Matachwan was founded on 15 July 2020 by Xavier Jackson, who was a former member of the Labour Party. At first, the bulk of its members were derived from the United Northern Liberal Party and the aforementioned Labour Party, which was at the time unpopular in Matachewanian politics.

Electoral history

The Solidary Party was elected 2 seats to the Sejm following the July 2020 Sejm elections, with Xavier Jackson and Andreas Hudson taking said seats. During the September and October 2020 elections, the Solidarity Party ran Xavier Jackson as Premier, of which he won said elections. In addition, Solidarity was elected 3 seats during the Sejm elections that followed the Premier elections[1], with Andreas Hudson, Johann Kümmel, and Matthew Xia taking said seats. They later formed a coalition with the Labour Party.

Electoral history of the Solidarity Party
Election Date Result
Sejm elections, July 2020 31 July - 1 August Gained 2 seats
Premier elections, August 2020 1-2 August Did not run candidate
Premier elections, October 2020 1-2 October Gained Premiership[1]
Sejm elections, October 2020 1-3 October Gained 1 seat, formed coalition with Labour Party


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