The MicroJournal

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The MicroJournal
The MicroJournal logo.svg
TypeNews website
Owner(s)Johann Kümmel
Founder(s)Johann Kümmel
Staff writers2
FoundedSeptember 2020
HeadquartersBegelia, Roskya

The MicroJournal, also known as MicroJournal, is an online newspaper that provides intermicronational news. It was founded in September of 2020, by Johann Kümmel.


The MicroJournal was founded in September of 2020, with the first article being released on 4 September.[1] After a two-week hiatus, publishing resumed on 18 September, covering elections in Yu-Xia.[2] In addition, The MicroJournal covered the Kingdom of Roskya, including the abdication of its first ruler, Andreas Hudson.[3]


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