Kingdom of Roskya

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Kingdom of Roskya
Flag of Roskya.pngRoyal arms of Roskya.png

Winter Haven, Florida
Capital cityFox Ridge
Largest cityBegelia
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)N/A
Short nameRoskya
GovernmentConstitutional monarchy
- KingJohann Kümmel
- ChancellorKris Hudson
- Deputy ChancellorChristopher Miller
- Speaker of ParliamentSander Koff
LegislatureGrand Roskyan Parliament
- Upper HouseTsarskiy Sovet
- Lower HouseParliament
- Type - Bicameral
- Last election - 2 October 2020
Established15 April 2020
Area claimed2.3+ mi²
CurrencyUnited States dollar
Time zoneEST/EDT (UTC-5:00, Fox Ridge)
CST (UTC-6:00, Begelia)
National sportHockey
National drinkEnglish breakfast tea
National animalJack Russell Terrier

The Kingdom of Roskya[a] (Polish: Królestwo Roskya), colloquially known as Roskya[b], was an entity that claims to be sovereign, commonly known as a micronation by outsiders. Roskya was located within the U.S states of Florida, Indiana and Illinois, and was founded by Kris Latzke on 15 April 2020. It was dissolved on 9 July 2021. As of 9 November 2020, Roskya consisted of 41 citizens, of which 6 citizens reside within Roskyan territories, with the rest being so-called "global" citizens.

As per the Constitution, Roskya was a constitutional monarchy, with Johann Kümmel acting as Roskya's monarch and Kris Latzke acting as Chancellor, and by extension as Roskya's head of government[c]. The Chancellor and Keisari were advised by the Council of Ministers, which acted as a cabinet and consisted of 4 people, who were heads of their respective departments. The Grand Parliament served as the bicameral legislature of Roskya and was divided into Parliament, elected by the citizens of Roskya, and the Tsarisky Soviet, which was appointed by the incumbent King.

Roskya also consisted of numerous administrative divisions; as of 9 November 2020, Roskya consisted of 2 duchies, those being the Duchy of Begelia and the Duchy of Fox Ridge, with Fox Ridge acting as the de facto capital.[d] Begelia was further subdivided into a town, known as Great Oak, and a territory, known as Leos, which were established via Ducal Decree 001 on 3 October 2020.[2]


Roskya was founded as the Tsardom of Roskya on 15 April 2020 in what is, macronationally, the city of Winter Haven, Florida, and micronationally the Duchy of Fox Ridge, by Kris Latzke. Later on, Kris would say he took the inspiration to found Roskya from the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, a Canadian micronation founded approximately 5 years prior. Later that day, a provisional government was formed, and consisted of Kris Latzke, Christina Nowell, Nicholas Lokin, Christopher Miller, and a friend of Kris. On the 21st of April, elections for the positions of Chancellor, Deputy Chancellor and the Grand Roskyan Parliament were held, thus getting rid of the previous provisional government.[3] On the same day, Zechairah o'Hair, incumbent Emperor of Etukan, was declared an "enemy of the state" via Imperial Order 002, due to attempting to "nuke" the Discord server of the Kingdom of Humberlea, following the election of Kris Latzke as its Prime Minister.[4]

On the 8th of May, Johann Kümmel founded the Duchy of Begelia, located in the state of Indiana; 9 days later, he was made the Kruununprinssi of Roskya. Later that day, Kris announced that he would be taking a break from micronationalism, and made Johann the regent Kuningas; however, Kris returned a brief two days later and re-inherited the title. In mid-July 2020, the formal name of Roskya was changed to the Empire of Roskya, along with the position of monarch and heir apparent being renamed to Keisari and Kruununprinssi, respectively. On the 28th of September, Kris abdicated as Keisari, stating that he would abdicate to Johann for the time being.[5][6] Immediately after, Johann called for a snap election for the Chancellor and Parliament, resulting in Christina Nowell being re-elected as Chancellor.[7] On 14 October 2020, Imperial Order 005, which designated the Empire of Roskya as a Kingdom and renamed the position of Keisari to Kuningas, was issued; in addition, the Duchy of Fox Ridge, under the leadership of Kris Hudson, threatened to secede from Roskya as the "Republic of Fox Ridge". However, the crisis was solved the following day.[1]

On 25 October, Nicholas Lokin, then a Member of the Grand Parliament, was charged with attempting to coup a foreign government, in particular the Great States of O'Duighan, in addition to violating the Territory Act.[8] Nicholas was then impeached from his position following a vote in the Grand Parliament;[9][10] after which, a snap election was called for his seat. In addition, the Constitution of Roskya was ratified that same week, amending the amount of seats in Parliament to 7 and resulting in both candidates winning seats.[11] Between 29 October and 1 November, a survey was held to determine the ethnicities, languages and religions of the citizens of Roskya.[12] On 3 December 2020, the Heraldry Act was passed, establishing a heraldic organization and society of Roskya; on the same day, Emmeline Marino was impeached from the Grand Parliament following a vote.

On 11 July 2021, the Grand Parliament was dissolved, citing a lack of candidates; Roskya was dissolved almost a month later.



Historical population
YearPop.±% p.a.
Source: Government of Roskya.

The population of Roskya was 41 registered citizens, as of 30 October 2020. Of those, 6 lived within the administrative divisions of Roskya, while 37 didn't reside within said administrative divisions; the so-called local citizens consisted of 3 residents of the Duchy of Begelia and 3 residents of the Duchy of Fox Ridge.


The official languages of Roskya were English, as per the Constitution, and Polish, which was made a national language by Imperial Order 006.[13] A survey conducted in November of 2020 found that, besides English, the most commonly spoken language was Polish. The same survey found that most that submitted responses were not bilingual, with 5 saying that they were not bilingual.[12]


Most citizens of Roskya had their families' origins derived from either the British Isles or from Scandinavia. In addition, other countries of European origin, particularly Poland, France and Germany, were cited as one's ethnicity.[12]


Religion within Roskya as of November 2020.

  Christianity (44.4%)
  Non-religious (22.2%)
  Atheism (22.2%)
  Other (11.2%)

Roskya was a secular state, with no official religion; however, Christianity was the most widely-followed religion, with Roman Catholicism being the largest branch of Christianity followed; it is followed by Protestantism.[12] While over half of the surveyed population followed a religion, 44.4% were either non-religious or are atheist. The two most commonly practiced within the administrative divisions of Roskya are Roman Catholicism within the Duchy of Begelia and atheism within the Duchy of Fox Ridge.

The freedom to practice any religion was allowed, as per the Constitution. The Bobist Diocese of Roskya and Cycoldia is de facto situated within Begelia.

Politics and government

The government of Roskya was a unitary state under a constitutional monarchy. The King of Roskya was the head of state and monarch of Roskya, holding some power of the Roskyan government, with the Crown Prince as the heir apparent to the throne. The King wss also able to issue Imperial Orders; however, the extent of the powers of an Imperial Order was not outlined. The Chancellor acted as the head of government and Chief Executive, overseeing Parliament and the Council of Ministers, with the Deputy Chancellor as their subordinate and substitute. The Chancellor also appointed the Council of Ministers, who advise the King and Chancellor on laws and also work in their respective ministries. The Grand Parliament acted as the head legislature of Roskya, passing laws and legislation on behalf of the citizens of Roskya.[14]

List of Chancellors

The first chancellor of Roskya was elected on 12 April, with Christina Nowell being elected and Nicholas Lokin being elected as her Deputy Chancellor; however, following a vote of no confidence within Grand Parliament on 21 June, Nicholas was dismissed as Deputy Chancellor. Following Christina as Chancellor was Brandon Mierzwa, who served between 22 July and 3 October 2020, with Christopher Miller acting as his deputy. Brandon oversaw the abdication of Kris Hudson to the incumbent Monarch, who promptly called for elections for the positions of Chancellor and Grand Parliament. Christina Nowell succeeded him as the incumbent Chancellor on 3 October, with Matthew Xia serving as her deputy until 9 January 2021; they were replaced by Kris Hudson and Christina, acting as Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor respectively. Following the resignation of Kris on 2 February, Christina assumed the role of Chancellor until the March 2021 general elections.

Chancellor Term of office Party Deputy
Christina Nowell 21 April
22 July
Social Democratic Party Nicholas Lokin(until 21 June)
Brandon Mierzwa 22 July
3 October
Conservative Military Party Christopher Miller
Christina Nowell 3 October
9 January
Social Democratic Party Matthew Xia
Kris Hudson 9 January
2 February
Social Libertarian Party Christina Nowell
Christina Nowell 2 February
14 March
Social Democratic Party Matthew Xia (from ? February)
Kris Hudson 2 February
Incumbent Social Libertarian Party Christopher Miller

Election periods

April 2020 elections

On 12 April 2020, the first official elections in Roskya occurred in order to replace the provisional government with an elected body. Eight candidates decided to run for Parliament, whilst only one candidate each ran for Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor. Out of the eight people who ran for Parliament, 6 were elected into office, and the sole Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor candidates Christina Nowell and Nicholas Lokin respectively won the elections for the two positions.[3]

July 2020 elections

On 21 July 2020, the second elections in Roskyan history occurred. This time nine candidates decided to run for Parliament and two candidates, Brandon Mierzwa and Christina Nowell, for Chancellor.[15] Once again, six candidates won the election for parliament and Brandon Mierzwa won a landslide victory against Christina Nowell, with 72.7% of the total votes cast in favor of Brandon for Chancellor.[16]

October 2020 elections

On 2 October 2020, elections for the position of Chancellor and Parliament occurred, following the abdication of Kuningas Kris Hudson. Eight candidates ran for parliament, while 2 candidates ran for Chancellor and 1 for Deputy Chancellor. 6 candidates were elected into office, and Christina Nowell was elected Chancellor for a second term.[7]

October 2020 snap elections

Following the impeachment of Nicholas Lokin, a snap election was called for his seat. 2 candidates, from the Democratic Socialist Party and the Conservative Military Party respectively, ran for the seat. Following the ratification of the Constitution of Roskya, both candidates won.[11]

January 2021 elections

Signups for the Chancellor elections began on 15 December, with Parliament signups beginning on 20 December. One candidate ran for chancellor, while four candidates ran for re-election. Given the low amount of signups, on the 8th of January 2 incumbent Members of Parliament, in addition to all candidates, were declared to have won the elections.[17]

March 2021 elections

On 28 February, elections were declared to be open on 13 March. Nominations were open from then until 12 March, with 2 candiates running for Chancellor and 4 candidates running for Grand Parliament. Following the closing of nominations, all candidates for Parliament were declared to have won the election. A poll ran from 13-14 March to determine who would be Chancellor; Kris Hudson, along with their running mate Christopher Miller, won with 90.9% of the vote.[18]

Royal Orders

Royal Orders are orders issued by the King that take place immediately after being issued. They are not defined within the constitution.

List of Royal Orders

  • Royal Order 001 (Establishing the Roskyan Constitutional Convention) - 16 April 2020[19]
  • Royal Order 002 (Declaring Zechariah o'Hair an enemy of the state) - 21 April 2020[20][4]
  • Royal Order 003 (Establishing the election cycle.) - 27 April 2020[21]
  • Royal Order 004 (Preventing Robert Smith of Elysium from holding citizenship) - 15 June 2020[22][23]
  • Royal Order 005 (To formally designate the Empire of Roskya as a Kingdom) - 14 October 2020[1][24]
  • Royal Order 006(To declare Polish to be an official language) - 28 October 2020[13]
  • Royal Order 007(To cut any ties between Roskya and Ausveria) - 2 November 2020[25]
  • Royal Order 008(To designate Imperial Orders as Royal Orders) - 7 December 2020[26][27]
  • Royal Order 009(To appoint HM Johann I as King of Arms) - 7 December 2020[28][27]
  • Royal Order 010 (To confer the Cross of Johann I upon citizens on the 1-year anniversary of the founding of Roskya, and to define its eligibility)[29]
  • Royal Order 011
  • Royal Order 012[30]

Foreign relations

Due to the relatively young age of the nation at the time, Roskya did not established extensive foreign relations networks within the micronational community. However, Roskya did established consulates, all of which are located digitally, with 13 micronations, including the Grand Kingdom of Matachewan, the Grand Republic of Cycoldia, and the Republic of Yu-Xia.

Requesting relations with Roskya was done with the consent of the Grand Parliament, which put up a vote on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.[31] In addition, micronations that engaged in foreign relations were to be expected to follow the Wrythe Convention and the Edgbaston Convention.[32]

Roskya was a signatory of the aforementioned conventions since 4 October 2020[e], as well as the Halcyon Convention since 31 October 2020. In addition, Roskya ratified the 1933 Montevideo Convention, a convention which most micronations use as a basis for de jure independence, since 14 October 2020.[33]

Informal relations

Former relations

Administrative divisions

Prior to 21 October, the administrative divisions of Roskya were not defined, with the only type of administrative division being a duchy. Following said date, administrative divisions were defined by the Territory Act,[8] with 4 types of administrative divisions being laid out: duchies, counties or towns, and territories. Additionally, each type of division has its own requirements, particularly on the number of citizens they require.[f]

Flag Name Annexed Population Governor Capital
Fox Ridge flag.png Fox Ridge 15 April 2020 3 Duke Andreas Hudson
Flag of Begelia.png Begelia 8 May 2020 3 Duke Johann Kümmel
Great Oak[2]

Political parties

Political parties were not defined by law. The first political party, the Liberal Monarchist Party, was officially registered on 15 April, with 5 members. This was followed by the now-defunct Republican Party, National Roskya Party and Green Party, as well as the High Tory Party. As of 4 November 2020, 21% of Roskya's population was registered with a political party.

Name of Party Chairman Members Social Stance Fiscal Stance Ideology Seats in Parliament[g]
Conservative Military Party Isaiah Burdette 2 Pro-protectionism, pro-localization, pro-military Capitalism Conservatism
2 / 7
Democratic Socialist Party Emmeline Marino 4 Progressivism Socialism Democratic socialism, anti-interventionism, pacifism
0 / 7
High Tory Party Bomber Pekoe 1 Conservative Fascist Conservative, traditionalism, religious, and imperialism
0 / 7
Liberal Monarchist Party of Roskya Christina Nowell 2 Liberal, pro-equality Liberal Liberal monarchism
2 / 7
Social Libertarian Party Corvin I of Carthia 1 Progressive Socialism until it is no longer needed Left-libertarianism, anarchism
0 / 7
National Roskya Party Johannes Tyurukstein 1 Pro-equality, pro-equity Capitalism Conservatism
1 / 7
Social Democratic Party Kris Hudson 2 Libertarianism, pro-equality Centre-left to far-left Social democracy
1 / 7
Independents N/A 1 N/A N/A Big-tent
1 / 7
Defunct Parties
Roskya Islamic Weeb Party Archie Birch 1 Social ecology Eco-socialism Liberal democracy
0 / 7
Republican Party Kyle Smith 1 Equality? Capitalism Republicanism
0 / 7
Green Party Leon Montan 1 Progressive Left-wing Eco-socialism
0 / 7


The culture of Roskya was based upon e-sports, with Roskya having an unofficial Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team;[h] in addition, government officials showed interest in other games, such as Hearts of Iron 4.

The cultures of the administrative regions of Roskya differed from region to region, with the Duchy of Begelia having a Polish culture mixed with parts of American culture.

National holidays

Following the passing of the Roskyan National Holiday Act, 13 holidays were recognized by Roskya;[35] 4 were of Roskyan origin, while the rest were of international origin, particularly from the United States and the United Soviet Socialist Republics.

National holidays of Roskya, bold indicates Roskyan holidays
Name of holiday Date
New Year's Day 1 January
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 18 January
Founding Day 26 April
Victory Day for the Comintern 8 May
Mother's Day 10 May
Memorial Day[i] 25 May
Father's Day 21 June
King's Day 26 August
Victory Day for Allied nations 2 September
Roskyan Independence Day 19 October
Constitution Day 27 October
Armistice Day 11 November


Roskya used the US dollar as its official currency; however, there have been attempts to establish an "Roskyan ruble" as the official currency of Roskya, with little success.

No economic activity was reported between Roskya and other micronations, as well as between local regions; this was primarily due to the low budget of the government and its respective officials. However, a plan for an economy was expected to be formed within 2021.


Roskya did not have a standing military; however, a Roskyan National Defense Force, abbreviated as RNDF, was defined by Chapter 10 of the Constitution. According to said chapter, the RNDF was a pacifistic military organization, and as such neither it nor its branches were permitted to undergo offensive military operations. The head of the RNDF was the Supreme Commander, who would be the incumbent King; beneath him was the High Command, whos members are appointed by the King and approved by Parliament.

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