Grand Parliament of Roskya

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The Grand Parliament of Roskya, colloquially known as the Grand Parliament, is the national legislature of the Kingdom of Roskya.

Grand Parliament
IV Grand Parliament
Tsarisky Soviet
Term limits
3 months
FoundedApril 22, 2020 (2020-04-22)
New session started
16 March 2021
Sander Koff, Independent
since 16 March 2021
Grand Parliament Majority Leader
Kris Hudson, Social Libertarian Party
since 14 March 2021


The Grand Parliament was originally founded as a provisional government on 15 April 2020, consisting of Andreas Hudson, Christina Nowell, Christopher Miller and "Firewikicracker". Following elections on 22 April, a Parliament was formed, consisting of a Liberal Monarchist majority.

Former Parliaments

Parliament Term Members Speaker Majority party
Provisional government
15 April 2020
22 April 2020
Andreas Hudson
Christina Nowell
Christopher Miller
Liberal Monarchist Party
I Parliament
22 April 2020
22 July 2020
Laurence Yu
Christopher Miller
Riley Dockery
Leon Montan
Kyle Smith
Joseph Peyo
Nicholas Lokin (until 21 June 2020)

Andreas Hudson
II Parliament
22 July 2020
3 October 2020
Johann Kümmel
Laurence Yu
Christopher Miller
Emerson Abenauer
Nicholas Lokin
Christopher Miller
III Parliament
3 October 2020
Incumbent legislature
Andreas Hudson
Laurence Yu
Christina Nowell
Christopher Miller
Otto Kümmel
Isaiah Burdette
Tied between Conservative Military Party and Liberal Monarchist Party

Current Parliament

The incumbent Parliament session is termed as "III Parliament", which was elected 3 October 2020. The term of said session is scheduled to end sometime after 9 January 2021 following elections for IV Parliament.

Name Portrait Party
Andreas Hudson Flag of Roskya.png Democratic Socialist Party
Christina Nowell Suit Photo Christina Head2.png Liberal Monarchist Party
Laurence Yu Flag of Roskya.png Liberal Monarchist Party
Otto Kümmel Flag of Roskya.png Independent
Isaiah Burdette Conservative Military Party
Emerson Abenauer Flag of Roskya.png Democratic Socialist Party
Christopher Miller Conservative Military Party
Sander Koff Independent