Micronational Gazette

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Micronational Gazette
TypeNews Blog
Owner(s)Isaiah Burdette
Editor-in-chiefIsaiah Burdette
Staff writers1
FoundedOctober 10, 2020; 3 months ago (2020-10-10)
WebsiteMicronational Gazette
Free online archivesTrue

Micronational Gazette is a news station founded by Isaiah Burdette. It covers news from the micronation community.



The Micronational Gazette was founded 10 October 2020, by Isaiah Burdette. He made it with the intension to make articles that could be used as sources on MicroWiki pages. He also intended for it to be his entry into journalism and to advance his skill. The first article it ever posted was named Humberlea October 2020 elections occur. This article gave a overview of the election including the victors and those who lost said election. After the news channel was made the Editor-in-Chief received offers from a few different news sites for collaboration or merge requests.