Duchy of Begelia

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Flag of Begelia.png

Duchy of the Kingdom of Roskya
Chicago metropolitan area
CapitalGreat Oak[1]
FoundedMay 8, 2020 (2020-05-08)
Area0.0012 km²
DukeJohann Kümmel

The Duchy of Begelia (Polish: Księstwo Begelii), colloquially known as Begelia, is a Roskyan duchy located in northwestern Indiana and in the metropolitan area of Chicago. Founded on 8 May 2020 by Johann Kümmel, incumbent King of Roskya; a section of its territory was split between 4 micronations on 30 August 2020, including the Ponderosan county of Johannistan, the Novtromsan province of Johanneste, and the Xian colony of Johannesland, including unincorporated land in Regelis. As of 1 October 2020, the population of the Duchy is 3.


The name "Begelia" can be traced to the religion known as Begelism, founded by Johann Kümmel in February of 2020.


At around 9:11 PM UTC, on the 8th of May, 2020, the Duchy of Begelia was founded. By around June, it encompassed the entirety of Johann's neighborhood, and claimed a house in the suburbs surrounding the city of Chicago, Illinois, where a former province of Leo, Johannberg, was located. Said territories were formally annexed in October[1]; however, following the signing of the Wrythe and Edgbaston Conventions by Roskya on 4 October, the claims were adjusted in order to be in compliance, reducing the size of Begelia drastically.

Towards the end of August 2020, numerous sections of Johann Kümmel's house were divided up amongst Yu-Xia, Ponderosa Hills, Centralia and Regelis. Yu-Xia, Ponderosa Hills and Centralia have formally annexed their sections of Begelia as the colony of Johannesland, county of Johannistan and the provinxe of Johanneskuchnia, respectively.


Begelia is ruled by a Duke, of which the title is hereditary. The current Duke of Begelia is Johann Kümmel. There is also a Ducal Council, of which its members are appointed by the Duke.

Administrative divisions

Begelia is subdivided into the town of Great Oak(which acts as the de facto capital of Begelia) and the territory of Leos[1]. Leos is governed by the incumbent Duke, Johann Kümmel, while Great Oak is administered by Otto Kümmel.[2]

Law and Order

Begelia de facto follows Roskyan law.


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