Socialist Republic of Johannistan

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Socjalistyczna Republika Johannistanu
—  Constituent nation of Ponderosa Hills  —
Country Ponderosa Hills
Province Arastraville
Founded 30 August 2020
Founder Leon Montan
Johann Kümmel
Capital Great Oak
 - County Administrator Johann Kümmel
 - Total 0.4 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
 - Land 0.4 km2 (0.2 sq mi)
Population (2021)
 - Total 2
 - Density 5/km2 (12.9/sq mi)
Time zone CST (UTC-6:00)

The Socialist Republicof Johannistan (Polish: Socjalistyczna Republika Johannistanu), commonly known as Johannistan and formerly known as the County of Johannjestgejem, is a constituent nation of Ponderosa Hills that was formerly part of the Autonomous Province of Arastraville. It claims parts of the house of Johann Kümmel, as well as several other territories near it.


The current name of the republic, Johannistan, is a combination of the words "Johann" (referring to the current President) and the Persian root "stan", meaning "land". The former name, Johannjestgejem, was a combination of the words within the Polish phrase "Johann jest gejem" which in English means "Johann is gay."


Johannistan was originally founded as Johannjestgejem on 30 August 2020, following the partitioning of Johann Kümmel's house. Following attempts to make the Socialist Federal Union of Ponderosa Hills more serious, it was renamed to its current name on 28 September.

Between 26 February and 26 March 2021, territories near Johannistan, comprising a total of 100 acres or 0.4 square kilometers, was annexed into the county. Following this, Johannistan was reorganized into a socialist republic on 30 March.


Johannistan is a socialist republic, with a President acting as the head of state and government (as of 4 June, the position is held by Johann Kümmel). The government also consists of the People's Assembly, which acts as the legislature of Johannistan, as well as several departments that comprise the civil service.

Law and order

3 decrees have been published in Johannistan:

  • Decree I - Naming of Roads[1]
  • Decree II - Amendment of Decree II[2]
  • Decree III - Establishment of the Virtual Library of Johannistan[3][4]

Administrative divisions

Johannistan is divided into one town, four counties and one territory:

Flag Name Date of annexation Province Governor
Great Oak 30 August 2020(de facto)
26 February 2021(officially)
Travanda Vacant
Road's Entrance 26 February 2021 Greater Johannistan Vacant
Grand Plains 26 February 2021 None Johann Kümmel


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