Micronational Virtual Olympics I

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I Micronational
Virtual Olympics
Host Teujot
Nations participating
Athletes participating8
Opening Ceremony5 August 2020
Closing Ceremony10 August 2020
Officially opened byTukat Ætimak
Preceded byOlympiad Established

The I Micronational Virtual Olympics was an online event hosted by the Teujot Commonwealth as an online olympiad between various online micronations.

Athletes from eight different micronations competed in four different events on a discord server, with most vents being strategy-based board games. An unusual last-minute inclusion was the game of Uno.

The Communist Union of Almendria took first place in the Olympiad, scoring a gold and two silver medals.


Tukat Ætimak created a Discord server on 2 August to serve a a newly formed committee for what was then known as TMVOC Virtual Olympics Teujot 2020.

Ætimak envisioned an e-Sports tournament held by the Teujot Commonwealth, holding several events such as Reversi, Block Strike and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. By the beginning of the games, these ambitions were scaled back in favour of classic board games run by Discord bots.

The Games

Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony of the Olympiad was brief, if existent at all. Tukat Ætimak announced the Olympics on 4 August, and opened them the following day with little to no fanfare.


There were four events in the Olympiad: Chess, English Draughts, Noughts and Crosses, and Uno. The events were hosted on the events discord server and operated by various bots.


The first game of the Chess event began on 5 August, and the rest concluded on 6 August after the end of the Noughts and Crosses and Uno events.

The event was conducted using a discord bot known as 'Chess', which allows for playing Chess in discord servers with ease.[1]

  First Round                    
  1 Lukas Nörvu O  
  2 Tukat Ætimak X   Finals
      1 Lukas Nörvu X
  First Round   3 Sertor Valentinus O
  3 Sertor Valentinus O
  4 Addison Dillon X   Third Place
    2 Tukat Ætimak O
    4 Addison Dillon X

Noughts and Crosses

The Noughts and Crosses event began on 5 August after the first game of the Chess event. The final game concluded in the early hours of 6 August.

The event was conducted using a discord bot known as 'TicTacToe', which allows users to play Noughts and Crosses with others.[2]

  First Round                    
  1 Tukat Ætimak X  
  2 Sertor Valentinus O   Finals
      2 Sertor Valentinus [b]
  First Round   4 Johann Kümmel [b]
  3 Brandon Swigart X
  4 Johann Kümmel O   Third Place
    1 Tukat Ætimak X
    3 Brandon Swigart O


The Uno event began on 6 August. This event was unique in that it consisted of solely one game, with the medals awarded the second-to-last and last individuals to get knocked out, and the victor.

The event used UnoBot, which was designed to allow people to play Uno in text channels.[3]

Medal Athlete
Gold Danny I
Silver WaxyCoronet4212
Bronze Johann Kümmel

English Draughts

The English Draughts event began very late on 6 August, and finished 10 August.

Unlike the other games which were conducted openly in text channels, this event was conducted privately in direct messages due to the nature of the 'Checkers' bot.[4]

Three of the Draughts games ended via forfeit, a disproportionally large amount given the small scale.

  First Round                    
  1 Addison Dillon O  
  2 Johann Kümmel X   Finals
      3 Sertor Valentinus X
  First Round   1 Addison Dillon O
  3 Sertor Valentinus O
  4 Danny I X   Third Place
    N/A Tukat Ætimak X
    2 Johann Kümmel O

Medal table

Key       Host nation

Rank Micronation Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Almendria 1 2 0 3
2 Key West-Ziberland 1 0 0 1
2 Florania 1 0 0 1
3 Roskya 0 1 1 2
4 Altavia[a] 0 1 0 1
4 Azeria 0 1 0 1
5 Teujot 0 0 1 1
5 Parland 0 0 1 1
Total 3 5 3 11

Closing ceremony

The games were closed by newly appointed Micronational Virtual Olympic Committee chairman Johann Kümmel on 10 August.

They announced the creation of a new Micronational Virtual Olympic Committee, and the opening of bids for the upcoming olympiad.


  1. 1.0 1.1 At the beginning of the Olympiad, the Commonwealth of Altavia was known as Tsakonia.
  2. 2.0 2.1 As a result of an endless stalemate, both athletes agreed to conclude the match as a draw, earning joint silver medals.


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