Sertor Valentinus

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Sertor Valentinus
The common representation of Valentinus
is a portrait of Kublai Khan.

Assumed office 
14 May 2020
Preceded by Sekhmet

Assumed office 
29 June 2020[a]
Deputy Joseph Peto

Burgess-at-Large for Roanoke Canton
Assumed office 
18 November 2020
Preceded by Sir Bradley van Dullahan
Majority 15 (51.72%)

Born c. 2002 (age 19–20)
Citizenship West Sayvillian
New Virginian
Nationality English
Political party National Party
Profession Commis Chef
Cabinet 1st Cupertino Alliance Ministry
Portfolio La Salle Convention
Regional Sessions Act

Sertor Valentinus is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of West Sayville, and Minister of Defence for the Kingdom of Pinelandia.[1][2]

Valentinus is known for opening the La Salle Convention[3] and for his role as Minister of European and African Affairs for the Cupertino Alliance.[4]

He also serves as a moderator for the MicroWiki@Discord server.


Kingdom of Pinelandia

The earliest extant record of Valentinus in micronationalism was their appointment to the Council of Ministers as the Minister of Defence in Pinelandia,[2][5] with said government records dating as early as the 21 August 2019.[6]

On 10 April, Valentinus filed an application for Pinelandia to join the Cupertino Alliance, soon proving a successful bid when it was approved by the Alliance the following day.[7][8]

Within the alliance, Valentinus was eventually appointed as the Minister of European and African Affairs on the 30th of May by the Chairman.[9][10] During their term in office, Valentinus wrote and passed the Regional Sessions Act during the 28th Session, establishing regional ministries and altering the session format for the Alliance.[11][12]

Kingdom of West Sayville

On the 14 May 2020, Valentinus was elected as Prime Minister of West Sayville, having lost the previous election on 14 January.[citation needed]

During their term in office, the Flags and National Symbols act was passed, abolished the old flags and coats of arms, and replacing them with new ones.[13] Other feats such as the establishment of bilateral recognition with the Commonwealth of Naveria were achieved.[14]

During an interview by the Sayvillian Broadcasting Corporation, Valentinus announced that he hopes for West Sayville to become a member of both the Cupertino Alliance and the Grand Unified Micronational.[1] The Alliance released a set of remarks on the 24 September stating that West Sayville meets most/all of the requirements to join the alliance.[15]

These goals were eventually realised, as West Sayville was admitted to both the Alliance and the GUM as an observer state.[16][17]

For his meritious actions to the Sayvillian community, King Charles of the Sayvillians awarded the Order of Burgardt-Cabote to Valentinus.[18]


Valentinus made a guest appearance during the first season of MicroRamble, discussing the topic of micronational organisations on the fourth and final episode of the season.[19][20]

Honours and awards

Knight of Burgardt-Cabote Ribbon Bar.svg Order of Maria Birch of Merit.png Ribbon bar of the Order of the Greyhound (Silver Class).svg Ribbon bar of the Order of William I.svg

 Kingdom of Sayville
20 October 2020: Knight of Burgardt-Cabote Ribbon Bar.svg Order of Burgardt-Cabote (Knight)
Misberia Flag.png Misberian Confederacy
31 December 2020: Order of Maria Birch of Merit.png Order of Maria Birch of Merit
Flag of Gradonia.svg Kingdom of Gradonia
31 December 2020: Ribbon bar of the Order of William I.svg Order of William I (Commander)
Flag of Australis.svg Unified Royal States of Australis
1 January 2021: Ribbon bar of the Order of the Greyhound (Silver Class).svg Order of the Greyhound (Silver)
1 January 2021: Award without ribbon.svg Order of the Grand Duke (Member)
Flag of Vishwamitra.svg State of Vishwamitra
15 April 2021-27 February 2022: Order of the Vishwamitra - Ribbon.svg Order of the Vishwamitra (Honorary Grand Cross, revoked)
8 June 2021-27 February 2022: Ribbon bar of the Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy.svg Commemorative Medal of the First Anniversary of the Vishwamitran Monarchy (Recipient, revoked)
Flag of Austenasia.svg Empire of Austenasia
18 September 2021: Award without ribbon.svg Austenasian Order (Member)



  1. Between 3-17 September 2020, Sertor Valentinus was temporarily suspended from their position as Minister of European and African Affairs.


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