Lycon Citation

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Lycon Cross
Awarded by the Chairman of the Cupertino Alliance
TypeOrder of merit
Established9 December 2020
CountryCupertino Alliance
FounderJayden Lycon
First induction16 February 2021
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Cupertino Service Ribbon

The Lycon Citation, formerly known as the Lycon Cross is the highest honour of the Cupertino Alliance.


Only one individual may be awarded within the period of 6 months. So far there have been 3 recipients.

Daniel Hamilton 16 February 2021 Hamilton has served as a figurehead rags-to-riches individual not only in the Cupertino Alliance but also in the wider community. Since joining in July 2020, Hamilton has risen the ranks, initially being appointed as Deputy Minister of Asian and Oceanic affairs on 30 September 2020 and later being upgraded to Minister of Asian and Oceanic affairs on 6 November 2020. Hamilton was also the first individual to declare their candidacy in the Chair elections, during which he held the lion’s share of votes by dominating the polls until December 2020. Even afterwards Hamilton continued to put up a true fight against opponent Ross until he eventually dropped out on 4 January 2021. To quote the song Resist by RUSH:

“You can fight, fight without ever winning. But never really win, win without a fight.”

This quote reflects Hamilton’s commitments to the Chair elections: his persistence and ambition made the elections much more competitive and difficult for the other candidates (and I say this for all of them).

Hamilton hasn’t been chosen solely based on these reasons alone, but as part of persistent ambition, professionalism, perseverance and activity within the Cupertino Alliance and the wider micronational community. His constant attitude towards the Cupertino Alliance is something that the rest of us can only look up to.[1]

Jayden Lycon 10 August 2021 [a]
Carson Snyder 26 January 2022 "Due to numerous nominations and the significant amount of effort he has dedicated to this alliance during the last six months." -Tyler Mullins
Tyler Mullins 30 July 2022 "For his contributions during his own chairmanship which has undoubtedly led the Cupertino Alliance to the relative stability it enjoys today, and for being a large assistance behind the scenes. I hope we can continue the stability that Mr. Mullins has established." -Carson Snyder


  1. Jayden Lycon declined to accept the award.


  1. Lycon, Jayden (15 February 2021). "Chairmanship address 15 February 2020". Cupertino Alliance Printer. Retrieved 24 January 2022.