69 Hour Session

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69 Hour Session

Status Ended
Date 14 March 2020 @ 6PM EDT - 17 March 2020 @ 3PM EDT
Site Cupertino Alliance Discord server
Notable participants
Chair of the Board Jayden Lycon
Cause 2019–20 coronavirus pandemic
Donation CAD$10 to Canadian Red Cross' China Novel Coronavirus Response Appeal

The Cupertino Alliance held their first 69 Hour Session as a result of Jayden Lycon filibusting the 7th Session of the Cupertino Parliament and also due to the postponed fourth 24 Hour Quorum which was orignally planned by the Grand Unified Micronational on late February - early March 2020. It is the longest session in micronational history, outbeating the previous record held by the Grand Unified Micronational.

How the event came to fruition

The event came to fruition when the regularly scheduled 7th Session of the Cupertino Parliament had gone into its second hour and there were requests that it be closed. Jayden decided to extend it to three hours before making it a 69-hour session.

Notable outcomes

The finished transcript for the session was well over 100 pages, exceeding anything the organization had created before and may have also been the largest document ever produced by any micronational organization.

Exlcuding anthem picks

Some of the notable outcomes from the Session:

  • The Ministers Act was passed with a 4-0 vote.
  • The Syracuse Declaration was passed with a 5-0 vote.
  • The admission of Nottingham Woods was voted on.
  • The Fiverr Act was passed with a 5-2 vote.
  • A $10 CAD donation to the Canadian Red Cross was authorized with an 8-1 vote.
  • The Millania mandate was passed with a 7-1 vote.
  • Leon's Script was passed as an official language of the CUM with a 6-1 vote.
  • An anthem cap was passed with a 6-2 vote.
  • The Anthem Contingency Plan was passed with a 8-1 vote.
  • The 8th Session was set for 21 March 2020 with a 6-2 vote.
  • The proposed March Break from 18–27 March received a tied 4-4 vote.
  • The Cupertino Press Association was approved to open with a 7-1 vote.
  • An interior news network for members within the alliance was denied with a 3-4 vote.
  • A sister cities program was authorized with a 5-1 vote.
  • The Plymouth Project was passed with a 5-1 vote.
  • Website was extensively developed.

Anthem picks

The alliance was scheduled to revote on Chocolate Rain's status as a proposed anthem in the alliance after it had garnered a tied vote in the alliance from the previous session. In the time between the two sessions, two more anthems had been proposed and there were three anthems total up for voting. As the session went on Leon Montan found it in his best interest to nominate ten more anthems, leading to others following along. This move was first seen as comedic until the overflow created by a large number of nominations led to disapproval from the Chair Jayden Lycon. William Efton also expressed disappointment when some of the nominations from Leon were of an inherently sexual nature. As a result, Jayden Lycon proposed a revised set of rules for the same event planned for August. A total of 27 anthems were proposed and as of late not one of them has actually become the anthem of the alliance.