Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission

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Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission
Agency overview
Formed28 March 2020
JurisdictionCupertino Alliance member states
MottoDemocracy, reinforced.
Agency executive
  • Jayden Lycon, Chair of the Board

The Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission, commonly known as CESE is the non-partisan agency responsible for administering elections and referendums in Cupertino Alliance member states.


The responsibilities of the Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission is to

  • Maintaining the Windhoek database for the register of electors
  • Enforcing legislation regarding elections and referendums
  • Ensuring that all citizens have the right to vote
  • Training electoral officers
  • Monitoring and recording election data
  • Comparing election data to previous elections for security reasons
  • Creating election graphics
  • Reporting to the Cupertino Alliance regarding the result of an election or referendum


The CESE has supervised the:

  • 2020 Orientian presidential election
  • 2020 New Hanoi independence referendum
  • 2020 Orientian premiership election
  • 2020 Ponderosa Hills general election
  • 2020 New Eiffel general election
  • 2020 Orientian referendum