Chair of the Cupertino Alliance

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Chair of the Cupertino Alliance
Arms of the Cupertino Alliance
Daniel Joseph

since 30 November 2023
AppointerCupertino Parliament
Term lengthSix months contingent on the Chair's ability to command confidence in Parliament, no term limits
Inaugural holderWilliam Efton
Formation10 March 2019
DeputyLieutenant Chair

The Chair of the Cupertino Alliance, also known as Chair of the Board or simply the Chair is the head of the Cupertino Alliance.

The position has roots going back to 2018 by the Independent Economical Union, an unofficial predecessor to the Alliance. Piotr Harniakiewicz, delegate of Nerdystan was the initial chairman. After the IEU initially fell into obscurity, Brandon Mierzwa briefly took up the role in an attempted revival.[1]

It was only upon the official formation of the Cupertino Alliance's first incarnation in 2019 that the position of Chair became formalised, with Jayden Lycon holding the position until the Alliance's dissolution.

Since the re-establishment of the Cupertino Alliance in January 2020, eight people have held the position of Chair, with a further two people having only held the position of Acting Chair.



The position of Chair of the Board originates from the Cupertino Alliances spiritual predecessor, the Independent Economical Union.

Though the position was not enshrined in the IEU Charter, Piotr Harniakiewicz, the delegate of Nerdystan is generally accepted to have held the position. Following his short-lived attempted revival of the union, Brandon Mierzwa came to be recognised as the unofficial second chair.

On 10 March 2019, Lycon founded the Epic Union as part of Operation North Macedonia as a result of contragumist sentiment. This would soon evolve into the first incarnation of the Cupertino Alliance.

Cupertino Alliance

Lycon continued to serve as chair until the dissolution of the alliance in June 2019.

On the revival of the alliance in January 2020, the role was assumed by Aenderese politician William Efton. During the 2nd Session, a Bill was passed defining the duties of the Chair of the Board, the first known piece of Alliance legislation defining the role.[2][3]

The chair was soon after granted powers to appoint ministers to delegate the many tasks of the alliance to.[4]

Chairs of the Cupertino Alliance

#[a] Portrait Name
Origin (nation)
Lieutenant Chair Term of office
1 Jayden Lycon
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Position nonexistent 10 March 2019 1 June 2019
  • Founded the Cupertino Alliance in March originally as the Epic Union, though later reformed into the Cupertino Alliance in April with nine member states.
  • Lycon oversaw several acts of legislation such as the Toronto Agreement, the Raleigh Agreement and the Stockholm Agreement. After a decline in activity over several months, the alliance was dissolved by an act of legislation.[5]

Vacant from 1 June 2019 to 15 February 2020
2 William Efton
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Position nonexistent 28 January 2020 15 February 2020
  • Efton revived the alliance in 2020 upon the passage of the Day 365 Act.[6]
  • Many acts of legislation such as the Windhoek Agreement, the formation of the Cupertino Guides and the creation of a website.[7]
  • Efton however resigned from the chairmanship to pursue other ventures, appointing Jayden Lycon as the acting chairman.[8]

Jayden Lycon
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Acting Chair
None 15 February 2020 2 August 2020
  • Appointed as acting leader by Efton.[8] The early tenure of Lycon was shrouded with controversy following the 69 Hour Session, leading to the alliance being deemed unprofessional.[9]
  • After the Anthemgate scandal, Lycon took a break from his Chairmanship duties and appointed Efton as his temporary successor.[10]
  • After returning from his break, the administration ratified the Parliamentary Practice Act, creating a more professional environment, marking a turning point in the Alliances history.[11]
  • In this new era, the Cupertino Electoral Supervisory Commission began its Project Nintendo 64 graphics replacing the earlier Canadian Broadcasting Corporation graphics, first used in the 2020 Ponderosan elections.[12]
  • Began work on forming the new charter.[13]
  • Several other notable feats such as the establishment of the Lieutenant Chair position.

3 Jayden Lycon
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Empire of Qaflana[b]
Otto Gillespie Birch (From 4 August)
Simon Reeve (From 27 September)
2 August 2020 15 February 2021
  • After a landslide victory during the 1st Cupertino Alliance chairmanship election, Lycon appointed Otto Gillespie Birch as his Lieutenant Chair.[14]
  • Several important documents such as the Mission of the Cupertino Alliance, the Membership (Reorganization) Act and the Regional Sessions Act were passed, and a large surge in membership took place.
  • Despite the incredibly successful term, Lycon opted to not run for the upcoming election, wishing to pursue other interests.[15]

4 Simon Reeve
Empire of Aenopia
Matthew Xia 15 February 2021 15 August 2021
  • Declared the winner of the 2nd Cupertino Alliance chairmanship election.
  • Oversaw the establishment of the Twin Towns project and hosted the first Cupertino Alliance digital summit and awards evening.
  • Although criticised for having an inactive cabinet, Ross had a 77% approval rating in an end-of-term poll conducted by Statistic-Dime.
5 File:Birthday Portrait of Rashtradhyaksh Varuna Sriraya (cropped).jpg Varuna Sriraya
Tyler Mullins 15 August 2021 6 November 2021
  • Declared the winner of the 3rd Cupertino Alliance chairmanship election.
  • Conducted a major cabinet reorganization and implemented basic membership reforms.
  • Oversaw the acquisition of MicroNear.
  • In October 2021, the Ministry of Statistical Affairs conducted an approval survey, in which he received an approval rating of 47.4%.
  • Resigned in November 2021 following a Motion of No Confidence being tabled against him.

Tyler Mullins
Free Nation of New Athens
Acting Chair
Mike Lewis (15 November - 10 December)
Larry Martin (From 24 December)
6 November 2021 31 January 2022
  • Declared Chair as part of the resignation of Varuna Sriraya.
  • Oversaw the revival of a number of inactive development programs, including the Edinburgh & Glasgow Systems, the Free Website Project, CupertinoGuides, Twin Towns, CAoNI, the Noted! Project, and created the CA Minecraft server.
  • Hosted the 2nd Cupertino Alliance Digital Summit.
  • Oversaw the passing of the Charter Act, 2021, written by Superior Judge Carson Snyder.
  • In December 2021, CONSTATS conducted an approval survey, in which he received an approval rating of 93.3%.[16]
  • Did not seek another term.[17]
6 Carson Snyder
Kingdom of Northwood-Oregon
James Murray 31 January 2022 31 July 2022
7 Larry Martin
Thorin Neal 31 July 2022 29 October 2022
  • Declared Chair after a victory in the Cupertino Alliance Chair election, July 2022
  • Following a failure to resolve an extensive Parliamentary deadlock, a motion of no confidence was filed against the Chair, which Martin attempted to avoid discussion of within the 196th Session. Martin would resign shortly thereafter following the ensuing controversy.
Thorin Neal
Empire of Qaflana
Acting Chair
Leon Montan (29 October 2022 - 20 November 2022)

James Bornstein (From 20 November 2022)

29 October 2022 21 November 2022
  • Became Chair following the resignation of Martin.
  • Engaged in controversy surrounding the failure to hold a confirmation vote for Lieutenant Chair Amelie Björk.
  • During 198th Session engaged in plot to illegally circumvent confirmation vote for the appointment of James Bornstein as Lieutenant Chair.
James Bornstein
Desert District
Acting Chair
Thorin Neal
Chris Ramsay
21 November 2022
  • Became chair after the resignation of Neil in a transparent attempt to circumvent his own confirmation vote as Lieutenant Chair.
  • Allowed Neal to 'reassume' role as a Chair in move unrecognised by the alliance and deemed illegal by the Superior Court, in a transparent attempt to circumvent a confirmation vote for their appointment as Lieutenant Chair.
  • During term, overseen what was popularly described as a 'coup', purging top cabinet officials, the Superior Judge and the Safeguarding Officer. Resigned following public outcry and removal from The Fun Gang.
Chris Ramsay
Free Nation of New Athens
Acting Chair
Carson Snyder (From 14 January) 21 November 2022 31 January 2023
  • Became chair after the resignation of Bornstein.
8 Chris Ramsay
High Kingdom of Mediolaurentia
Carson Snyder 31 January 2023 31 August 2023
  • Won the 6th Cupertino Alliance Chair election unopposed and became the 8th official Chair.
  • Began charter and branding reform.
9 Sertor Valentinus
Kingdom of West Sayville
Tyler Mullins 31 August 2023 30 November 2023
  • Defeated incumbent Chair Chris Ramsay in a landslide victory in the July 2023 Cupertino Alliance Chair election.
  • Unanimously defeated a vote of no confidence tabled against his administration for inactivity. [18]
  • Organised the 2nd Cupertino Alliance Cultural Festival.
  • Oversaw the repealing of numerous unused projects.
  • Resigned on 30 November 2023 as a result of an inability to commit time to the role of Chair.
Tyler Mullins
Free Nation of New Athens
Acting Chair
Daniel Joseph 30 November 2023 31 January 2024
  • Declared Chair as part of the resignation of Sertor Valentinus.
10 Daniel Joseph
Second Commonwealth of Australis
Liam Alexander 31 January 2024 Incumbent
  • Won the 8th Cupertino Alliance Chair election unopposed and became the 10th elected Chair.


Liam AlexanderDaniel JosephSertor ValentinusChris RamsayJames BornsteinThorin NealJames MurrayCarson SnyderLarry MartinMike Lewis, Marquis of New CharterTyler MullinsDhrubajyoti RoyMatthew XiaLogan RossArchie BirchWilliam EftonJayden Lycon


  1. Though Jayden Lycon would technically be the first Chair, chairmanship terms from the previous 2019 incarnation of the alliance are not recognised. Lycon is most cited as the 2nd Chair.
  2. On 13 January 2020, Lycon transferred over to the delegacy of Qaflana following their expulsion from the Aenderian delegation by President Nicholas Fisher.
  3. On 13 January 2023, Ramsay transferred to the delegacy of Mediolaurentia after Humberlea was succeeded by it, gaining CA membership.
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