The Fun Gang

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The Fun Gang
Logo of The Fun Gang
FormationOctober 2, 2020; 3 months ago (2020-10-02)
TypeMicronational Social Club
AffiliationsConstantia Pact

The Fun Gang (TFG) is a micronational social club hosted on Discord. Initially formed on 2 October 2020 by Daniel Roscoe and Zarel Smith, they later invited Casper von Naveria, Brayden 'Mr.Lee' Eaves, Max Baez, and 'Ouija', the former two being credited as co-founders. Roscoe serves as the group owner, and is the de facto leader of the club. Since November, several micronationalists have become members.


Lemoyne when he real

Lemoyne when he real

The Lemoyne when he real meme originates from a flag Mr.Lee created for a proposed state in his nation, the Confederate States of America, titled 'Lemoyne'. The flag consisted of the standard USA flag, but with the addition of the word 'Lemoyne' mentioned multiple times in the flag. The design later became a meme, with individuals commonly saying 'Lemoyne when he real' in addition to posting an image of the flag.


Member Role Admittance
Daniel Roscoe Group owner: Monarch of Australis, Chair of the Constantia Pact 2 October 2020
Zed Co-founder: Former Monarch of New Eiffel, MicroWiki editor 2 October 2020
Casper von Naveria Co-founder: Monarch of Naveria 2 October 2020
Brayden 'Mr.Lee' Eaves Co-founder: President of the Confederate States, MicroWiki@Discord moderator 2 October 2020[a]
Max Baez Duke of Garuda 4 October 2020
Sertor Valentinus Prime Minister of West Sayville, MicroWiki@Discord moderator 25 November 2020
Cameron I of Ikonia Monarch of Ikonia, MicroWiki and MicroWiki@Discord tech administrator 11 December 2020
Archie Birch Head of government of Misberia 18 December 2020
Liam Munroe Monarch of Atiera 18 December 2020
Christina I of Cycoldia Monarch of Cycoldia 2 January 2021


Member Membership Notes
'Ouija' 7 October 2020–2 January 2021 Kicked; inactivity
Alexandra “TrainGirl01” 15 November 2020–2 January 2021 Kicked; inactivity
Jayden Lycon 16 November–18 December 2020 Withdrew


  1. Left, rejoined on 2 January 2021.