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Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Capital cityQafla
Largest cityQafla
Official language(s)English
Official religion(s)Bobism
Short nameQaflana
GovernmentExecutive Constitutional Monarchy
- EmperorLogan
- Speaker of ParliamentElections underway
- Type - Parliament
- Number of seats - 5
- Last election - 27 July 2019
Established28 April 2019
GDP (nominal)0
Time zoneCentral Standard Time
National dishFish
National drinkWater
National animalBob the Fish
OAM Member state

Qaflana was a self-declared sovereign state located within the U.S. State of Alabama. Qaflana had land claims within the city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.


Qaflana was formed in April 2019 when a few students decided to break away and start a new nation. On June 22, 2019, it became an Emosian dominion. It declared independence July 20, 2019 and became an empire the next day


Qaflana was a small area of land. It was a democracy and had very few citizens.

Emosian Annexation

On June 22, 2019, Qaflana became a Crown Dominion of the Empire of Emosia. It was annexed to help develop the nation further and prevent inactivity.


On July 20, almost a month after becoming an Emosian Dominion, Qaflana declared independence from the Empire of Emosia.


Qaflana became an empire the day after gaining independence. However, by November, the nation had become defunct.[1]


Qaflana was a executive constitutional monarchy under Alex Halbesleben. Laws were created by either Parliament or by the Emperor. The other had pass or sign the bill in order for it to become a law.


Citizens elected members of Parliament. Parliament created and passed laws. Parliament members were lected every three months. Each term, a new Speaker of Parliament, who regulates meetings, was elected by Parliament.


The Emperor had the power to create Ministries which had a designated Minister. Qaflana had a Ministry of Transport, headed by Logan R. of Aenopia, and a Foreign Ministry, headed by Leon M. of Ponderosa Hills.

Current Holders of Government Offices

Below is a list of all holders of government offices

  • Emperor: Alex Halbesleben
  • Emergency Emperor: N/A
  • Speaker of Parliament: N/A
  • Minister of Transport: Logan R of Aenopia
  • Foreign Minister: Leon M of Ponderosa Hills
  • Parliament Member: Astral of Astropolis
  • Parliament Member: James I of Emosia
  • Parliament Member Mr Bubbles

Foreign Relations

Qaflana had foreign relations in place before annexation, but they were dissolved. Qaflana, after independence, had diplomatic relations with

Nations Formally Recognized

All OAM member states


Qaflana's military was the 6th Infantry Regiment of Emosia.


  • Civil Conflict in which former members of the government committed treason. No casualties sustained either side

Law and Order

Citizens convicted of crimes represented themselves before the Emperor, the judge.


Qaflana held territories in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Geography and Climate


Qaflana was forested.


Qaflana was home to a wide variety of species, primarily forest animals.


Qaflana's climate and weather were extremely unpredictable, but tended to be hot and humid.


Qaflana was planning to export grass products, notably ropes.


National Holidays

Date Name Purpose Events
28 April Independence Day The day Qaflana became independent. Day off of work. Emperor gives a speech.
June 22 Dominion Day Celebrates the annexation of Qaflana by Emosia Day off of work.
July 20 Bob Day Commemorates Bob, our national animal and a wonderful fish Day off of work.
20 June Sovereign Day Celebrates Qaflana's independence from Emosia Day off. Emperor gives a speech.
  1. The fact Charles Ross Added the Defunct template + No activity since September.