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Kyexit Conflict
Part of Kayut and Millanian history
Date18 April 2020-22 April 2020
Status Rebellion
Conservative Rebels  Cupertino Alliance
Loyalist Kayutsastan
Commanders and leaders
Tom Kap
Teymur Abbasov
Other rebel figures
Jayden Lycon
Zabëlle Skye
Nicholas Randouler
Nicolas Millan
Thomas Andersson
Zoey Liu
Ashley Jaax
Other military figures
6 3 13
Peacefully Resolved. Kayutsastan rejoins Millania.

Kyexit was a conflict between Millania and Conservative Kayutsastan, which started on 18 April 2020 after Kayutsasan declared independence from Millania. The conflict was resolved on 22 April 2020 after successful negotiations from Nicolas Millan and Tom Kap, with both Jayden Lycon from the Cupertino Alliance and Nicholas Randouler from Posaf helping negotiations.


The name "Kyexit" is an portmanteau of the denonym "Kayut" (the people of the region), and "exit". It follows the similar tradition of countries exiting an organization or countries, starting from Brexit. Though, the term Kyexit was never used in legal documents and was referred to as the "Kayut Independence Movement".


Kyexit occurred after a period of dormancy and inactivity while Kayutsasan joined Millania. On 17 April 2020, Tom Kap suddenly declared independence as the Conservative Kayut Republic due to inactivity and for cultural reasons.[1] Millania was later notified of the independence and promptly ruled it unconstitutional on the grounds that no referendum was held. On 18 April 2020, Nicolas Millan also notified other organizations that Millania had membership in in regard to the movement, most notably to the Grand Unified Micronational and the Cupertino Alliance.[2] Many of its allies promptly composed responses in support of the Union, most notably Iustus and Misberia, as well as Essexia later on.

The matter was brought to the chamber in the 12th session of the Cupertino Alliance, which was coincidentally on the same day when Mr. Millán notified the alliance. The delegates agreed to form a task force, consisting of chair, being Jayden Lycon and the Superior Judge, being Zabëlle Skye. A preliminary report was also drafted to add context and plans to resolve this conflict.[3] The day after, the Millanian government responded to the independence movement, stating that the Kayut government's declaration of independence was invalid, as the Millanian government since the reasons for independence (inactivity and culture) were not a capability of the government. Furthermore, there was no democratic process involved in the movement.[4]

Both Lycon and Millán attempted to establish bilateral contact to Conservative Government officials, which successfully happened on 20 April 2020. Contact with Tom Kap also happened shortly after. Negotiations between both parties happened shortly thereafter, under supervision of the Cupertino Alliance. Millán suggested an amended version of the proposition from the Posafian Government, which included a democratic referendum which would take place no more than 24 hours after the decision was made. If, though, the Kayut people wanted independence, then it would continue to be a realm of Millania for another three days, where the Millianian government would reform the Kayut government to suit their needs. The Kayut Government would later undergo a complete reformation exactly the way the rebels wanted, just under Millanian rule. Furthermore, all the leaders in the independence movement gained full amnesty in Millania. In exchange for this, Tom Kap apologized and the Kayutsastani leaders surrendered, and agreed that if Kayutsastan was to became independent, it would join the Millanian Commonwealth.

Tom Kap later agreed to these plans, and a formal agreement is being signed. An idea was raised for an intermicronational summit in the Principality of Posaf, but never occurred due to a decision being made before then.

International Responses

In Support of Millania



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