Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CESE election graphic)

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Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
DesignerJayden Lycon
Created on2019
Introduced16 February 2019
DiscontinuedTBD (Planned)
CompanyCurio Publications
Cupertino Electorial Supervisory Commission (after 28 March 2020)
SoftwareMicrosoft Powerpoint
Preceded byCrystal
Succeeded byProject Nintendo 64
Support statusSupported and used as of 30 April 2020. Planned to be replaced in the near future.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation or CBC was the second electorial graphic face used from 2019 to 2020. It replaced Crystal.

Elections used

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation skin was introduced in the February 2019 Aenderian elections and was last used in the April 2020 New Hanoi independence referendum.

  • February 2019 Aenderian election
  • March 2019 Misberian election
  • May 2019 Aenderian election
  • July 2019 Matachewan election (planned)
  • April 2020 Orientian election
  • April 2020 New Hanoi indepedence referendum


The design takes cues from the Canadian Broadcasting Corperation's graphics for the 2018 Ontario provincial election (hence the name).