William Efton

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The Right Honourable
Willam Efton
Anh in March 2023.
Chair of the Board of the Cupertino Alliance
assumed office
January 28, 2020 - February 15, 2020
Predecessor office established
Successor Jayden Lycon
President of the Fifth Aenderian Republic
assumed office
March 2, 2020 - June 2, 2020
Predecessor Jayden Lycon
Vice President of the Second Aenderese Republic
in office
27 October 2018 - 31 December 2020
President Jayden Lycon
Predecessor unknown
Vice President of the Republic of Aenderia
in office
6 October 2018 - 20 October 2018
President Horatio Eden
Predecessor Lord Lewis
President of the Second Aenderese Republic
in office
20 October 2018 - 23 October 2018
Predecessor Horatio Eden
Successor Jayden Lycon
Personal information
Born Aug 2005
Phan Thiết, Việt Nam
Political party Flag Centrist Party

William Efton (real name Anh Nguyen) is a former micronational. He held active roles in the micronational community from 2018 up to his partial departure in 2020, and until 2021 worked as a special administrator on occasion for the Cupertino Alliance. He greatly influenced the Fifth Aenderian Republic, the Cupertino Alliance, the then-Republic of Auvenum (now a protectorate of Wynnland), and other smaller nations such as the defunct Somcow through his approach of compromise among both sides of an issue. During his time in the micronational community, he was the only openly gay Vietnamese-American in the community.

Political views

Efton's ideology was described as being politically moderate. He was known at times to divert from his own positions, oftentimes favoring left-wing policy with respect to unionization and racial equity.

Economy and welfare

Although Efton supported capitalism, free enterprise, and the right of companies to practice discretion in hiring with regards to union status, he also maintains a strong opinion in favor of government welfare programs and policies, especially those characteristic of socialist economics such as subsidized affordable housing in addition to subsidized utilities for those in poverty or those within the medium income range. He supported an indexed median minimum wage as well as certain workers' rights such as collective bargaining and a right to unionization.


Efton rejected the development of a universal healthcare model in Aenderia and the subsequent banning of private health insurance, citing concerns over long wait lines for elective surgeries and access to care common in countries with a universal healthcare system like Canada. He instead prefers a "healthcare for all who want it" model in which a public option would exist alongside a private healthcare option, and private citizens be allowed to choose between either. His proposal was markedly similar to the healthcare proposals of Pete Buttigieg, whom Efton supported in the 2020 US Democratic presidential primaries.

Retreat and retirement

After the first Aenderese political crisis, Efton surrendered his presidency to Jayden Lycon and shifted attention toward assisting in the formation of the Cupertino Alliance. Subsequently, he began gradually withdrawing from the community. By 2021, Efton no longer possessed any full-time roles within the community and no longer partook in current affairs and left all micronational Discord servers, including that of the Cupertino Alliance, as he repurposed his Discord account for personal use.

Personal life

Anh is currently studying undergraduate economics at the University of Texas at Austin. He maintains contact with former colleagues in his government through social media, including Jayden Lycon, Chau Khang, Milaw Oakforrest, and Nicholas Fisher.

He has a long-held passion for the music of Lana Del Rey, attended his first concert on the second night of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour in Arlington, Texas and became a naturalized American citizen in 2021.

He qualified for Mensa membership in 2023 after scoring a 143 on the Cattell culture fair intelligence quotient test but declined to become a member.