William Efton

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The Right Honourable
Willam Efton
Efton's formerly used profile picture on Discord.
Chair of the Board of the Cupertino Alliance
assumed office
January 28, 2020 - February 15, 2020
Predecessor office established
Successor Jayden Lycon
President of the Fifth Aenderian Republic
assumed office
March 2, 2020 - June 2, 2020
Predecessor Jayden Lycon
Vice President of the Second Aenderese Republic
in office
27 October 2018 - 31 December 2020
President Jayden Lycon
Predecessor unknown
Vice President of the Republic of Aenderia
in office
6 October 2018 - 20 October 2018
President Horatio Eden
Predecessor Lord Lewis
President of the Second Aenderese Republic
in office
20 October 2018 - 23 October 2018
Predecessor Horatio Eden
Successor Jayden Lycon
Personal information
Born Aug 2005
Phan Thiết, Việt Nam
Political party Flag Centrist Party

William Efton is a former micronationalist. He held active roles in the micronational community beginning in 2018 until his departure in 2020, and until 2021 worked as a special administrator on occasion for the Cupertino Alliance. He has greatly influenced the Fifth Aenderian Republic, the Cupertino Alliance, the then-Republic of Auvenum (now a protectorate of Wynnland) and other smaller nations such as the defunct Somcow through his approach of compromise among both sides of an issue. During his time in the micronational community, he was the only openly gay Vietnamese-American in the community.

Political views

Efton can presently be described as politically moderate, however during his time in the micronational community he was known to shift toward more centrist policies and way of government.

Economy and welfare

Although Efton supports capitalism, he also maintains a strong opinion in favor of government welfare programs and policies, especially those characteristic of socialist economics such as subsidized affordable housing in addition to subsidized utilities for those in poverty or those making medium-low incomes. He supports an indexed median minimum wage. He supports certain worker's rights such as collective bargaining and unionization, however believes that employers should not be forced to hire union while at the same time allow unions to form without obstruction.


Efton rejects a universal healthcare model and the banning of private health insurance, citing concerns over long wait lines for elective surgeries and access to care common in countries with a universal healthcare system like Canada. He instead prefers a "healthcare for all who want it" model in which a public option would exist alongside a private healthcare option, and private citizens would be allowed to choose between either. The plan is similar to the healthcare proposals of Pete Buttigieg, who Efton supported in the 2020 Democratic Presidential primaries.

Life after micronationalism

After the first Aenderese political crisis, Efton gave the role of the presidency to Jayden Lycon. Efton no longer possesses any full-time roles within the community and no longer partakes activity in current affairs and left all micronational Discord servers, including that of the Cupertino Alliance, as he wishes to repurpose his Discord account for personal use.

Personal life

Efton is Asian and lived in Vietnam in his childhood before moving to the USA. He currently lives in Pflugerville, Texas, a suburb of the city of Austin. He is openly gay but can be described as having an androgynous gender expression. He is religiously indifferent.

In his personal life, he is currently pursing long-held goals and aspirations while making new friends from the internet he meets on social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. His personal friends know him well for his "outta pocket" sense of humor and comments which can often get him into trouble with other people. However, he frequently makes disparaging comments toward individuals who use "dark humor" as an excuse for racist or homophobic "jokes" they make. Chau Khang and Nicholas Fisher are the micronationalists whom Efton continues to keep in contact with since his departure from the community through their personal Instagram accounts.

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His current favorite music artist is Lana Del Rey, who also happens to be his most streamed artist of all-time. He formerly "stanned" k-pop groups BLACKPINK and TWICE.