Aaron Island

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Aenderese Claimed Overseas Territory of Aaron Island
—  Claimed Overseas Territory of the Aenderese Republic  —

Established 23 February 2019
 - Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories of the Aenderese Republic Rt. Hon. Milaw Oakforrest
 - President of the Aenderese Republic Rt. Hon. Jayden Lycon
 - Total 0
Time zone Eastern / Eastern Daylight

The Aenderese Territory of Aaron Island (more commonly known as Aaron Islands) is a territory of the Aenderese Republic located in the East Highland Creek Trail in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The archipelago of islands was founded in Operation Aaron on behalf of both the Governments of the Aenderese Republic and the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories on 23 February 2019.


It is currently unknown why the island is named after "Aaron." A few stated that it was in honour of Lycon's macronational name, however Lycon stated that it was not named after his macronational name, as his macornational name is not Aaron.

This territory was incorrectly named "Aaron Island," however it is an archipelago of islands, not just one single island. The Government of Aenderia does not plan to change the name, however.


The flag of the Territory of Aaron Island was designed by Lycon. The white background represents the snow and the "n" represents Noyan, but it could also be an "A" for Aaron Island.


Geography of Aaron Island.

The geography of Aaron Island is filled with mountains, with the Highland River (unofficial name) running in it. Temperatures are very cold in the winter / late fall / early spring to mildly warm in the summer.

This area of Aenderia is classified in the Koppen Climate Clasifcation is a Warm Summer Continental Climate, as with Noyan.


Due to this being an Claimed Overseas Territory of the Aenderese Republic, it is overseen by the Minister of the Interior and Overseas Territories on behalf of the President.


Colonization of Aaron Island. (Territorial flag placed upside down, stickers removed as they might pose a harm to the animals.)

Aaron Island was found when the government was searching for an island to colonize. They chose Aaron Island as it was safe to travel (with very low sea levels) and close to both Noyan and Scarborough. The archipelago of islands was colonized by a team of explorers in Operation Aaron on February 23, 2019 , on behalf of the Ministry of the Interior and Overseas Territories of the Aenderese Republic.


During April 2019, the Aenderese Republic was interested in expanding, thus, the house agreed to expand Aaron Island, more than doubling in size. The motion to expand Aaron Island was passed on April 25, 2019. The government chose not to include Huntingwood Drive since the Huntingwood Drive corridor includes multiple houses and a school, thus it would be claiming private land.