Kingdom of Auvenum

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Kingdom of Auvenum
Flag of Kingdom of Auvenum
Coat of arms of Kingdom of Auvenum
Coat of arms
Motto: United We Stand, Divided We Fall
Anthem: "Pee Pee Poo Poo"
and largest city
Official languagesEnglish,Russian
• Prince
Calvin White
Establishment6 October 2018
• 2019 census
CurrencyAuvenese ruble
Time zoneUTC-5 (EST)
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Republic of Aenderia
United States
Fifth Aenderian Republic
Bepistani Reich
Second Kingdom of Auvenum
Auvenum was dissolved on 1 January 2020 and was returned fully to the United States, then was claimed by both the Kingdom of Bepistan and Fifth Aenderian Republic.[1]

The Kingdom of Auvenum was a constitutional monarchy and nanonation which seceded from the Fifth Aenderian Republic on 6 October 2018. Auvenum's head of state included the Prince and they had a Prime Minister up to the 2019 Absolutism Takeover. The only leader of Auvenum was Prince Calvin White I. On 7 July 2019, Auvenum became a provisional absolute monarchy. On 1 January 2020, the Prince called for the dissolution of the country and that all territories be returned to their respective macronations. On the first day in 2020, the Kingdom of Auvenum ceased to exist as a micronational entity.


The name "Auvenum" has no real meaning. The name was created by the country's founder: Calvin White. The term "Auvenum" only has a slight meaning in Romanian, despite the fact Auvenum was never associated with Romania nor shares any of its culture.

Eventually, it was discovered that the word "Auve nu" means "they do not" in Romanian. White is reported to have said that "it best fits Auvenum's description because it represents the separation from Aenderia and its separation when Aenderia was overstepping their boundaries."

History and Education

In mid-to-late 2019, the Auvenese Prince Calvin White drafted plans to introduce an education system into Auvenum. The education system was intended to teach Auvenese citizens about the history of Auvenum.

In October 2019, the monarchy announced that it would be opening up its very own, state-sponsored university: "Jyilzyem University." However, there was not much interest generated in Jyilzyem University and the announcement came at a time when the country was in economic and social decline. Accordingly, the Kingdom of Auvenum had never opened up such an educational institution and the nation later dissolved on 1 January 2020.

Political parties

These were the following political parties in Auvenum:

Defunct parties

This is a list of defunct parties in Auvenum. As of 1 January 2020, any political parties that held any seat in Parliament were closed after the government collapse, rendering all political parties defunct.

Party Logo Final Party Leader Spectrum Ideologies
Liberal Party of Auvenum LPA Calvin White Center-left Liberal
Conservative Party of Auvenum CPA N/A Right-Wing Conservatism
the 2.0 2 n/a Big tent Auvenese Reform
Les Arbres Démocratiques LAD Nathan Smith Democratic Egalitaranism
Akitonspartei (Action Party) AKP Maximilian von Schroeder Far-Right Far-Right
East German Meatball Party EGMP N/A Centrism Centrism


Auvenum's citizenship program began on October 12, 2018, and was active until the country's collapse in January 2020.

The Kingdom of Auvenum accumulated over 30 citizens in the span of over one year. After the country's dissolution, all citizenships were voided.

Prime Minister

A "Prime Minister" position was someone who was in charge of the Parliament. Initially called the "Prime Director" or "Prime Directorship" untiL May 2019, three Prime Ministers have served as Auvenum's head of government. The following is a list of the Prime Ministers throughout the years:

Name Political Party
Maximilian von Schroeder October 6, 2018 - October 27, 2018
Jay Clover October 27, 2018 - December 21, 2018
Nicholas Randouler January 20, 2019 - July 7, 2019

Currency and economics

Auvenese Ruble
ISO 4217
Banknotes1 A₽, 5 A₽, 10 A₽, 20 A₽, 50 A₽, 100 A₽
Official user(s)Kingdom of Auvenum
Unofficial user(s)None
Central bankBank of Auvenum
PrinterAuvenese Mint
MintAuvenese Mint
Pegged withUSD - $1.00

Auvenum never functioning economy. The Auvenese currency was never minted or circulated and the Kingdom of Auvenum never accumulated any actual wealth. No production had taken place in Auvenum, which means that Auvenum had a GDP of $0 and a GDP per capita of $0.

For many years, it was said that Auvenum had "several businesses" and thrived off a substantial agriculture and fishing industry, although no such industries existed. Auvenum also "exported goods" and was rumored to have run a line of cafés serving hot beverages as well as many types of baked goods. No such café had ever managed to open up in Auvenum and the concept faded into obscurity.

Auvenum was only know for its NGOs, such as the ICON Cover Competition Broadcasting Committee (ICCBC) and the Intermicronational Broadcast Organzization (IBO).


In June 2019, a state-sponsored initiative by the royal crown and the LPA (Liberal Party of Auvenum) was launched to reform Auvenum into a cultural center. The first steps began when Auvenum had announced their entry into Microvision 2019, but later retracted due to political reasons. Later on, Auvenum would announce their return to the ICON Cover Competition, but the competition was never held after being postponed multiple times and ICON never held the second annual competition. ICON had not officially dissolved as a competition, but had become defunct.


The Kingdom of Auvenum had only one branch of military but was said to have created more in the future.

The military occupied 3 fictional forts in Auvenum. One of them was located on Kamuda Peninsula (previously named Huj Island,) which shared a border to the west with the Principality of Duke, named Jahzir Allah (Arabic for Isle of God). Jazhir Allah was governed by Calvin White and was visited by Tom Kap during Tom Kap's trip to the Kamuda Peninsula.

The two other “bases” are claimed to have been located in the "Robertson Sea Chain," named after the official name for the islands in Antarctica.

After the secession of Kivaria, Auvenum was “left” with two of its islands, "Voka" and "Kinatoure."

Kirina was the “largest city” and capital of Kinatoure. Kinatoure also housed the fictional military base “Fort Mullins”, named after the lawyer who helped White win the trial against voter fraud in September 2018, and the former Attorney General of Auvenum.

The island of "Voka" housed “Fort White”, the fictional military base named after the first Prince, Calvin White.

Weather and Climate

Jyilzyem, Sólzem, and North White Island

The majority of the territory of the Kingdom of Auvenum was located in Brooklyn, NY. Auvenum claimed portions of southern Brooklyn.

Climate data for Kingdom of Auvenum (Jyilzyem, Sólzem, and North White Island)
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Year
Average high °C (°F) 4.4
Average low °C (°F) -2.8
Average Precipitation mm (inches) 50.3

Administrative Regions

Auvenum was divided into regions and districts. Auvenum had only one district and was thus the federal district of Auvenum, Jyilzyem. Jyilzyem was the smallest district (size-wise) in Auvenum, but had the highest population at around 80% of all Auvenese citizens presiding residence in Jyilzyem. (Yilz-yem)

Picture of Nezabudbela in Jyilzyem overlooking the majority of the province with a white flag hanging.
Picture of Coastline overlooking White Island
A photo taken on Coastline overlooking White Island.


Jyilzyem had different territories and numerous claims located in Brooklyn, NY and are part of Jyilzyem. Some of those claims include:

  • Nezabudbela
  • Kamuda Peninsula
  • Federal District
  • Coastline

Kir Islands

The Kir Islands were divided into 5 islands, 3 of which have recently been reclaimed from the Kingdom of Kivaria. Two of those islands, Kinatoure and Voka, are the main ones with constituencies implemented into regions. The island of Jir was annexed by Cloverzem but was given to Bepistan towards the end of Cloverzem's reign. The other two islands are unnamed but used to serve a "scientific purpose" during the Aenderia-Auvenum conflicts in late-2018.

The following islands are Kirinian:

  • Kinatoure (Main City/Capital: Kirina)
  • Voka (Main City: Fort White)

Most of Kir Islands was to serve a military purpose.

Name Flag Capital
Jyilzyem Jyilzyem
Sólzem Zaku City
North White Island Serevál
Kir Islands Kirina, Kinatoure

Foreign Relations

After the collapse of Auvenum, all foreign relations were voided.

Unilateral Recognition

Formal (Bilateral) Recognition

Auvenum Does Not Recognize

  •  Islamic State - Considered as a terrorist organization
  •  w:State of Palestine - Considered an illegitimate state.
  •  Principality of Andany - Conflicts with former Aenderia and the rest of the micronational community.
  • Nerdystan - Accused of treason after secession.
  •  Aenderia - Initiating internal protests in Auvenum, Palestine-induced trolling, meddling in Auvenese affairs.

National Holidays

Some national holidays consisted of already existing ones, such as New Year's Eve, but most were made-up ones that were created by the Prince to serve miscellaneous purposes.

Date Name Notes
6 October Independence Day Independence Day celebrates the day that Auvenum seceded from the Republic of Aenderia (now the Fifth Aenderian Republic) and formed into the Kingdom of Auvenum.
19 January & 19 June General Election Day Election Day is once a year to hire Parliament councilmen, Prime Ministers,
6 December Veterans' Day The day commemorating the people that served for Auvenese military.
31 December New Years Eve Auvenum “Christmas Eve”
1 January New Years Day The start of a New Year
17 May National Grump Cat Remembrance Day Mourning the loss of an internet legend- Grumpy Cat
8 Jan Mental Health Awareness Day A day to raise awareness for mental health; all schools and workplaces are closed for the day.


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