Protectorate of Auvenum

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Kir Islands

Protectorate of Auvenum
Official seal of Kir Islands
Coat of Arms
"For King and Wynnland"
Anthem: Argonnerwaldlied

Sovereign stateWynnland
Independence from Aenderia6 October 2018
Establishment of a Provisional Colonial Government31 December 2019
Wynnish Protectorate17 June 2020
Administrative seatRussell
Largest CityJyilzyem
Official languagesEnglish, Russian, Wynnish
GovernmentViceregal representative monarchy
• Monarch
Maximilian I
Nicholas Fisher
LegislatureColonial Council
• 2020 census
CurrencyUnited States Dollar
Time zoneEST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy
Driving sideright

Auvenum, Kir Islands, or the Protectorate of Auvenum, is a Wynnish Protectorate and Overseas Territory which encompasses the Kir Islands located off the coast of South America and Antarctica. The islands are roughly 750 miles (1207 kilometres) off the coast of Antarctica and the territory encompasses all of the Kir Islands. As a Wynnish protectorate and overseas territory, the Auvenese have internal [[w:self-governance|self governance], and the Kingdom takes responsibility for their defence and foreign affairs. The Kir Islands' capital is Russell.

Controversy exists over the current iteration of the territory between the Second Kingdom of Auvenum and the Wynnish colonial power. Upon disestablishment of the First Kingdom of Auvenum, Gilzem gave Wynnland the right to annex the Kir Islands, but at the same time gave the Second Kingdom the right as well. This has led to an ongoing dispute between the Second Kingdom and the Wynnish colonial power over who truly has rightful control over the islands. Almost all Auvenese favor to remain apart of the Wynnish empire rather then forming an independent and sovereign Auvenese state.

The population (17 inhabitants in Jyilzyem) consists primarily of Auvenese, the majority of American descent. Other ethnicities include Jewish, Russian, and German. Immigration from the United States and the Arab world has reversed a population decline. The predominant (and official) language is English. Under Wynnish law, all Auvenese are Wynnish citizens.

The islands lie in the Southern Ocean and are considered to be apart of the Antarctic continent, while the city of Jyilzyem is located in North America. Major economic activities include fishing, tourism, and penguin breeding. Fishing, licensed by the Wynnish Government, remains controversial due to disputes with the Second Kingdom.


The name "Auvenum" means nothing. The name was created by the country's founder: Russell Gilzem. The term "Auvenum" has no actual meaning and does not correspond with any modern world languages with the exception of Romanian. Eventually, it was discovered that the word "Auve nu" means "they do not" in Romanian. Gilzem is reported to have said that "it best fits Auvenum's description because it represents the separation from Aenderia and its separation when Aenderia was overstepping their boundaries."