Tom I, Prince of Duke

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Thomas Kap I
Tom I in 2019
Prince of Duke
Reign 25 December 2018–present
Coronation Not crowned
Predecessor Throne established
None/Life Position
Spouse None
Full name
Thomas Yusef O'reilly
Religion Sunni Muslim (non devout)

Tom I is the Prince of the Principality of Duke. He has been leader since Independence day. He is also the Secretary General of the Global Union.

Pre Micronational life

Tom used to live in Shanghai China. During this time he had an adventure around China and Asia. It was an experience that he'll never forget. He really likes Chinese culture and misses his old home very much. Tom always thought about owning a nation. One day he did. Thus the People's Republic of Duke was born. His first thought was when in 2nd grade he met a boy who had one known as Lakaloe. He then thought for the next few years the exact same thought. How awesome would it be to become a leader. So the one day after chatting with Kamau one of his good friends he made one. Kamau made one too. Tom Kap loves Martial arts,Video Games,Micronations,and Animals. He enjoys studying about history and he really likes microwiki. He describes it as a community where fellow micronationalists can share there culture and nation to there fellow members.

Micronational life

Tom is very vocal about issues affecting Duke. He has a team of several Council members who rule Duke under a benevolent dictatorship. He believes that there should be a micronational currency for use all over the micronational world as well as using local currency.


Tom loves to collect foreign and rare currency. He even has North Korean currency. Tom Loves Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also loves to study history and is fascinated in micronations, North Korean History,Chinese History, Human Rights, Endangered Species Research, and Reading. He also enjoys playing video games like Minecraft and the Nintendo Switch. Tom has even started to write a Wuxia Novel ( A Kung Fu Novel) and is very excited to publish it. Tom had a betta fish named Llyod. Llyod had been with Tom for over a year.

Micronational Position in the Duke Government

  • Governor of Chatham Province

Awards Presented to Tom Kap

1.Duke Topek Party honor award

2. FLAGMNG.png Imperial Knight of the Order of Millanian Excellence

3. Order of Nangsun


The people must unite and work together to strive and achieve great things - Tom Kap

Political Life

Tom Kap is very passionate about the political causes he supports. He believes in Human rights and is vocal against North Koreas Government,Chinese Communist party taking away freedoms in Hong Kong, and how the USA is deporting many illegal immigrants who want a better life for there family. He is also against Child Labor.

Citizenships for Macronations

United Kingdom


United States of America


Micronational Citizenships

Principality of Duke

Violet Box Special Administrative Region Passport and Identity Card holder (Independent Region under Joint Control with Violet Box Government and Dukian Central Government)