Federation of Dukian Emirates

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Federation of Dukian Emirates اتحاد دوكيان الامارات (Arabic)

Duke United,Duke Free"
Duke United Forever

(Composed by Emir Tom Kap)

USA, Hong Kong, and Germany
Capital city Chatham City
Largest city Klixan City
Official language(s) Dukian and English
Official religion(s) Taekism and Buddhism
Short name Duke
Demonym Dukian
Government Topek Style Federation of emirates led by Emir Tom Kap
Legislature Parliament and Topek Style
Established October 5th 2017
Area claimed 48.56 km²
Population 44 (as of 2018 census)
Currency Dukian Sheka
Time zone -4:50 UTC (Chatham Region), +7:50 UTC (Hyesan Region), -7:50 UTC (Hagar), -8:50 UTC (Sieraq)
National sport Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jui Jitsu
National animal Dragon
This nation is a member of the United Micronational Union and United Micropact

Official Website

The Federation of Dukian Emirates is a sovereign self declared micronation which claims land in many different places around the world. It is ruled under the benevolent autocracy of Emir Tom Kap. It's main claim of territory or Mainland Duke as it is called among the locals, is in New York City. Duke's claim of Jazhir Allah is one of the only emirates that shares a border with a another micronation. Jazhir Allah shares a border with the Kingdom of Auvenum.



Dukian flag waving

Duke was the brainchild of Tom Kap. The idea was a small perfect nation with a stable government and no crime. Things have been going fine but with some incidents inside Duke. The people of Duke enjoy living in the mostly tax free nation and believe that a nation can be run just fine even if the ruler is a tween. Many of Dukes citizens believe Tom is doing a better job than his USA counterpart Donald Trump. There are always speeches and the idea behind Duke was to also have an enthusiastic leader who could work with the people and contribute ideas to make the nation a better place.


Our nation is called Duke, Because in the Ancient Dukian Language Duke means "nation for everyone."


Duke was created when founder Tom Kap was furious at the outcome of American politics. His guerilla force fought a 8 month war and then established the People's Republic of Duke (Formerly the Republic of Duke) and on 5 October, Duke became independent. Several situations have happened so far, and Tom Kap has loved the micronational world, because he believes that it is not only a fun thing to do but something important and that Micronations show that anyone has the potential to create a nation and run just like anyother. He was inspired by Austenasia, Molossia, and Sealand. The Lonley Planet book of Micronations also inspired Tom. On 5 October 2017, the Empire of Duke declared independence. One week later, it was called the Republic of Duke. Afterwards, there was a change in the government and it changed its name to the People's Republic of Duke. The Duke Civil Conflict was a conflict that happened during the People's Republic period. After that, a Parliament was created. Now Duke is a benevolent autocracy led under President Tom Kap.

Governemntal Crisis of 2018

On July 21st 2018 Dukes current government collapsed due to several reasons: Inactivity of governmental officials, Javis Anti Duke rebel force, and other things. Tom created a provisional government that will last until September 1st 2018 at 11:59 pm. Then the Old government shall come together again. The provisional government was created to not turn Duke into a one man dictatorship over the summer. The participants of the Provisional government are going to be rewarded by the President for there commitment. After a couple of days the Provisional government was disbanded and Duke continued to be ruled normally.


On February 9 2017 President Tom Kap adopted Llyod a dragon betta fish. Tom had Llyod for over 1 year. On Thursday afternoon on April 11 2018 Llyod passed a way of old age and a tumour. In Duke there is a set 100 day mourning period. Llyod was then taken to the Zang River (Hudson River) and put in the water. A Taekist Passsing away ceremony was held. Tom Kaps mother said that she saw him swim form his log decoration to the plants. Later when she came back he wasn't moving. He was pronounced dead later that day.

A QEEPR site was made to honor him link to memorial: http://www.qeepr.com/profile/LlyodJosephOreilly/

Duke Civil Conflict

The Duke Civil Conflict was a Government Conflict when The Dukian Governors argued over Laws. The Provinces of Dongyang,Lesser Chatham,and Violet Box wanted to secede. It was intense and there were many protests and pro partition activists. Both sides where to blame. The provinces then began speaking about starting peace talks. After 2 days the Governors talked and the Conflict ended with Duke not being Partitioned. . Tom Kap says that both sides won by keeping Duke whole instead of partitioning it.

Government and Politics

Duke used to be a dictatorship republic but a coup happened and it became the Peoples Republic of Duke on Febuary 23rd (After the Febuary 23rd incident). It is ruled by a single party known as the Topek party. Other political parties exist but the Topek Party is the majority of the Parliament with 6 seats out of 10. Elections for parliament representatives happen every 3 years. Duke is now in a democracy with vice presidential elections every 2 years.


Duke is technically a benevolent autocracy, but there are still elections. The most recent were the Chatham Province Governor elections where Tom Kap won by 8 votes. Then there was the New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement elections where Tom Kap won too. Voting is important. The Government is planning a special online voting google form. Many vote using paper ballots. After the results are analyzed they are announced 1 hour later.

Rights and Treatment for all Citizens

In Duke all citizens have rights. They have the right to identify themselves in any way they want to. Duke is 100% open to the LGBTQ+ community. Refusing service to anyone, because of there race,gender,sexuality,ethnicity,etc is illegal and the person who refused service can be fined and fired. The government grants any person detained the right to a lawyer. Freedom of speech is allowed and Protests are allowed too.

Politcal Parties

Party Name Owner Seats in the Parliament Logo Main Province
Topek for Duke Tom Kap 5 seats Chatham Province
Duke Zangseunlay Nationalist Party Kevin Kap 1 seat TriBeCa Protectorate
Duke Green Party Huey Kap 1 seat 🌳 New Hong Kong Autonomous Settlement
Mami Feminist Party Kirsten Kap 1 seat 🙋 TriBeCa Protectarate and Mamistan Independent Region
People's Party Kamau Samuels 1 seat 🙏 Lesser Chatham and Sieraq
Independence Party Cristiaan Fitzsimons 1 seat 🚩 Donyang Province and Hyesan Province


Dukian Parliament Political Parties diagram


The military has 36 active members and a cyber warfare unit called Unit 22. There are 6 regiments each with 6 active members.

Law and Order

Duke is a benevolent Autocracy and part democracy. The court system is very similair to the United States. The Supreme Court is located in Chatham City and is run under judge Kirsten Kap. The Central Prosecuter is Zoe Kap. There are 4 types of Police:

  • Zangseunlay Duke Immigration Border Police
  • Duke Police
  • Duke Special Operations Police
  • Duke Security Police

There are 3 intelligence services

  • DNSA Duke National Security Agency - Operates Only In Duke (Now operates everywhere due to DNSA International security rpoposal/law)
  • DCIA Duke Central Intelligence Agency - Operates everywhere
  • DMIA Duke Military Intelligence Agency - Operates everywhere


Chatham City

Chatham City is the capital of Duke. It is also where the parliament and the Presidential district is based. President Tom Kap lives there. It is not the largest city as it is beat by Halangsu City in Hyesan Province and Klixan City in Klixan Province. It is the Capital of Chatham Province and is situated close to the US border. It is also next to Violet City in Violet Box S.A.R.

Taiping and the Zang River

These rivers are very important in Dukian Culture. They serve as a border for UNIS and Lesser Chatham Province to The USA. Their real names are American but in Duke, this is what we call them. One major conflict in the Dukian Conflict occurred there with both sided fighting at the bank of the rivers. A lot of beautiful wildlife and Flora and Fauna inhabit the area.

Chatham Park

In Chatham City there is the Chatham Park one of the most important sites in the city. The park is very beautiful and it is near the foreign quarter. The park is very small but it is a peaceful place for excersising. It is one of the most visited destinations in all of Duke.

Foreign Relations

Main Article: Foreign Relations of Duke Duke has a system called Balmungse. This system classifies Allies and enemys as well as anything to do with the foreign relations of Duke.

Unilateral Recognition

United Nations - Most member states. Member states not recognized will be in the section of Non recognition.

Diplomatic Relations


The Peoples Republic of Duke passport comes in several types; Normal, Diplomatic, Chatham State, and Presidential. To get one you must visit Duke or go to the Dukian embassy. Cyber Citizenship is also avaliable.


Dukian Diplomatic Passport


Federation of Dukian Emirates - USA border (Falcon Border Crossing)
Federation of Dukian Emirates
Settlements New York City and Chatham City, and Violet Box
Time of existence Since October 5th 2017
Demarcation October 5th 2017
Length 1 meter
Control Dukian Zangseunlay Border peoples troops
Controlling organisation Dukian immigration Zangseunlay unit
Visa-free regime Yes

Economy and Currency

Duke uses the Dukian Sheka which is 1 usd is 5 Dukian Sheka.

Administrative Divisions

There are several Provinces, which are emirates as of the December 1st transfer to the Federation of Dukian Emirates;

Jazhir Calokenos - Carlos Lopez

Duke shares borders with several countries but the most known one is Falcon Border Crossing with the USA.



Duke uses the Topek Calendar. There are 12 months and on the 22 of each month the Honor part begins. All Dukian Holidays are marked on and they are decorated in a patriotic way. January 22, 2006 Marks Topek Year 1 and is also observed as the Leader Birthday Holiday.


Dukian and English are official. People speak Dukian Slang. Dukian has 12 fluent speakers. Kanglap is tricky but is a functioning conlang.


In Duke, fashion is important. The most popular clothes now for men are the Kangera style. This is a military style jacket with a Songkok cap. These are usually worn by government officials and important Hyesanien Ethnic politicians. For women modern clothes is very popular but on traditional holidays they wear a Hanbok and a headscarf. Dukes traditional clothing is very diverse due to Dukian Citizens being of many diverse backgrounds. There is also a unisex fashion trend called a quera which is a braid in form of string clipped in hair. They are very popular especially among Dukian teenagers.


The Dukian flag was designed by Tom Kap. There are 12 stripes. There are 4 red crosses. Each cross symbolizes one of the 4 principles; Justice, Equality, Freedom, and Life. March 19th is the day of the Dukian Flag. On this day people remember the flag and a festival is held at night honoring Tom Kap for his hard work in making a flag to represent Duke.

Flag of Duke.png

Old Dukian Flag


Old Duke flag waving


New Dukian Flag


  • Duke Central relevision (DCTV) is a state owned Dukian TV network. It brodcats and is hosted usually by Tom Kap who is also a Dukian News and media specialist. It broadcasts Dukian and International news and TV shows from Duke. The latest TV shows include Captain Knots and Fighting for Duke. Captain knots is more comical while fighting for Duke is a propaganda documentry about fighting against Dukes enemies.
  • Duke Times is a weekly newspaper availiable in 150 languages including English. It is written on google docs and it can be translated easily. There are typically 3 stories and an Ad. One ad for example is for the Dukian Military. The latest headline is that three major Government pofficials have commited treason against Duke and fled the country.
  • Duke Radio is a internet based radio station that is set up but not broadcasting just yet. President Tom Kap is excited to start broadcasting and he says its an excellent way for Dukian news to be spread across.
  • DCTV Duke News is an internet Newspaper. It has published several article two which where on the Microwiki main page. It is a great way of getting news and is especially popular among Dukian Teenagers. It is one of the most famous in all of Duke with many Dukian reading it. It is usually also read in schools.

Duke Postal Service

The Duke postal service is the offcial postal system of Duke. Stamps are issued. A message was sent from The Dukian Embassy in Sarasota to Chatham City using one American stamp and one Dukian. To the Governments surprise it sent and was recieved. The Duke Postal service sends local mail and mail sent internationally will have a stamp of the macronation thats nearest to the province and a Dukian stamp. It works really well for Dukian Citizens.


Tourism in Duke is under control of the Dukian Tourism Authority. It is difficult to visit unless you personally know the Kap family or anyone close to the Kap family. Most tourism usually happenss in Chatham City.


Holiday Date Purpose
New Year's Day January 1 To celebrate the new year
Tangyera (Taekist Holiday) January 2-4 To be with family and to celebrate them
Tom Kap Day/ Leader Birthday/Topek New year January 22 To celebrate Tom Kaps Birthday and Topek New year
Chinese new year (2019 date) (Chinese Holiday) February 5 To celebrate the Lunar new Year
Llyods Birthday and Betta Fish Day February 9 To celebrate the birthday of Tom Kaps pet fish Llyod and to celebrate Betta Fish
Valentine's Day February 14 To celebrate the people we love and hold dear in our hearts
Tom Kaps dads Birthday Febuary 25 Celebrate Tom Kaps dad's birthday
Saint Patrick's Day (Irish Holiday) March 17 To have a fun day and to celebrate being Irish
Duke Flag Day March 19 To celebrate the day Duke's flag was offcially made by Tom Kap
Ailan Dar (Taekist Holiday) April 5 To celebrate animals
Par Mang (Taekist Holiday) April 9 To celebrate Hyesanien Culture
Bang a'la songyer (Taekist Holiday) April 11-13 To celebrate Dukian Children
Kungserman (Taekist Holiday) April 14 To worship Nangsun the protector of people
Kungsarmenang (Taekist Holiday) April 15 To worship Nangsung defeating the evil demon Ramangal
Easter Sunday (Christian Holiday) April 16 To celebrate Easter
Tom Kaps Mothers Birthday June 8 To celebrate the birthday of Tom Kaps Mother
Tom Kaps sisters Birthday June 24 To celebrate Zoe Kaps Birthday
Independence Day October 5th To celebrate Dukes Independence
Thanksgiving (American Holiday) 4th Thursday of Every November To give thanks
Christmas Eve Decemeber 24 To celebrate the Night before Christmas
Christmas Day December 25 To celebrate Jesus being born and the joy of the holiday spirit
Western New Year's Eve December 31 To prepare for the new year to arrive

Dukian People

Kap Family

The Kap family is the Dukian name for Tom Kap's family. They are very unique.[citation needed] All family members hold citizenship and many hold household registration. The current rulers are the Kap family with Tom Kap being the leader and Zoe Kap holding a very high position in the Topek Party and the Government.

Tom Kap

Tom Kap is the founding father and biggest politician of Duke. He has been the main figure since starting Duke and is a Dukian Politician. He also is the Chairman of The Dukian Topek Workers Party. He founded the Topek Ideology and loves to travel the globe. He is hoping to develop diplomatic reation with other micronations and hopefully recognition from the international community.


One of the official portraits of President Tom Kap

Honors and Awards

In Duke, important and good people who have done something very helpful get awards.

Here are people and the Awards they have received;

  • Zoe Kap- Best Parliament speaker of Duke in 2017,Best foreign emissary to represent Duke, and best DCTV News Caster of the times
  • Tom Kap- Topek Party Honor Award, Honorable leader award,Great military commander award,Duke art show award, and Duke Cinema director awesome award for directing the Dukian film Mangyak
  • Javi.T-Military award and Vice presidential award (Revoked after treason)
  • Alessandro J-Duke Technology award of 2017 (Revoked due to treason against the state)
  • Jonathan Augustus - Title: Amazing Micronationalist and Order of Sungkar