Project Gojekistan Island

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Gojekistan island
Pearsalls Hassock
—  Colony  —
Nickname(s): Goyan Gojek Island
Motto: A new future
Founder Tom Yusuf Kap
Time zone Duke mainland time (UTC-04:50)

Gojekistan Island is a colony of the Principality of Duke, and was founded on 15 January 2019.


Gojekistan Island is an Island in the Long Island Sound. It's capital is Nafa City which consists of the whole Island.

Phase 1

The government of the Principality of Duke will plan the settlement and its future.

Phase 2

Tom Yusuf Kap and a small delegation may visit the Island.

Phase 3

Runway is in black as a planned idea
1.01 KM is runway length

The building will start including the small planned Tom Yusuf Kap Airfield. IATA: GTY ICAO: TYKD.

Nafa City

Nafa City is the capital of Gojekistan region. It consists of the whole Island. It was named after Bella Nafa an Indonesian dangdut singer. Nafa City has 2 memorials which are planned to be built. 1 is for remembrance of Tom's friends' mother and 1 is for Indonesian Dangdut singer Julia Perez who passed away. The Nafa city runway planned area is 1.01 km long. A small pier has been built and was found on google maps.

Nafa City Ferry terminal

The Nafa City ferry terminal will be a small ferry terminal in Nafa City. It will be a small pier and will be able to accommodate boats and Kayaks, and other nautical vehicles etc. The ferry terminal lies 12,76 miles away from Kingdom of Bepistan's Project White.