Owen Shorland

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Owen Shorland
Owen Shorland, Sheikh of Duke
Personal information
Born December 16, 2005
Melbourne, Australia
Birth name Owen Shorland
Citizenship Australian and Dukian
Nationality Dukian
Ethnicity Half Chinese Australian
Political party Topek Party
Residence NYC
Occupation Student
Profession Student
Committees Duke Topek Party
Military service
Nickname(s) Rowanofrin1
Allegiance To Duke


Owen Shorland is a 13-year-old boy born in Melbourne, Australia on the 16th of December 2005. Owen Shorland goes to School in Manhatten, NY. He moved to new york city on August 21, 2018.


Owen loves a lot of things like sports, learning languages, and math. He has a wonderful math teacher. Owens main language is English but his mum is Chinese so he knows quite a bit of Chinese. Owen loves playing sports such as soccer, handball and he loves doing fitness. But the thing he loves the most is his beautiful cat white naidoo who is around 7 months years of age.