Peoples Republic of Duke Inter Province Games

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The Interprovincial games

The Interprovincial Games were held for Dukian people to convene to have a good time. They were held in Chatham City.

Topek Year 12 Duke Provinces Micronation Games Micronational Games
HostChatham Province
MottoDuke together!
Nations participating{{{Nations}}}
Athletes participating5
Opening Ceremony18 March
Closing Ceremony8 June
Officially opened byTom Kap
Preceded by{{{GamesPreceded}}}
Succeeded by2019 Dukian National Games
VenueChatham City, Duke

Opening Ceremony

A "caning games" competition and a traditional Dukian dance took place during the opening ceremony. There were 5 contestants.


  • Caning Battle
  • Dance off