History of Duke

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Early Period

In the Summer of 2013, Tom Kap returned to America from China. He was in second grade. He then met Joao and Paavo. Paavo had a micronation called Lakaloe. Then in the middle of the Year, Joao and Tom Created the Empire of Duke. This was a fantasy micronation.

Middle Period

The Empire of Duke was then abandoned for 5 years. In the Summer of 2017 Tom met Abdoul president of Bearytown. Tom then researched micronations. He them remembered Duke. Then he made plans.

New Period

On October 5, 2017 Tom was sitting in math class really bored. He and his friend Kamau Where talking. Kamau said do you know what a micronation is. Tom said yes. Kamau said I'm starting one. Tom and Kamau planned for it. As soon as Tom got home he wrote the declaration of independence. One week later he renamed it the Republic of Duke. The Republic of Duke where the Golden days. They had everything. Then on February 25, 2018 Tom's dads birthday a coup happened. a change of government. Tom re wrote the constitution and it became known as the Peoples Republic of Duke. Then he made a micro wiki page. His micronational world began becoming happier as Duke began succeeding. People heard of it and partook in elections. A stable Government was made.Duke was finally in the Diamond days.