Nicolás Millán

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H.R.H. Nicolás I

His Royal Higness, the Crown Prince of Millania

Portrait of Nicolás
Crown Prince of Millania
Reign 1 December 2017 - present
Predecessor Throne established
Full name
Nicolás Millán Prieto Uribe Llamas (Millán xu Prieto Marseláxi Nicolás Porisinayonko)
House House Millán
Father Archduke Santiago I of Millania
Mother Archduchess Marcela I of Millania
Born 7 June 2005 (2005-06-07) (age 13)
Winchester, Massachusetts, USA
Occupation Politician
Religion Roman Catholicism
Nicolás Millán KOED OIL MGB KCM KCS KCV KCX KCE (Millanic: Millán xu Prieto Nikolas) is the Crown Prince of Millania. One of the nation's founding fathers, He is also a citizen of Iustus; where he resided as Prime Minister. Millán comes from a long line of high ranking politicians.

Personal Life

Millán is a Student, and Musician. His hobbies include music, music composition, kung fu (heng yue yen long kwon), Muay Thai, language creation, and gaming. He is an avid musician, winning the Hong Kong Interflow along with his affiliated orchestra, and participating in AMIS, an asian honour orchestra. He is a First Class scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

Political views

Millán is a self-described liberal, and is a supporter of women's and LGBT rights. In Millania, he has chosen to remain neutral in the Empire's politics.


"...And yet, there is a truth vested in humanity, that there is always conflict before peace."

"A leader is much like a flock of geese. It flies at the head to carry the others."

"Listen to those who cannot be heard, their lives, their struggles, and speak for them."

Titles and honours

Monarchical styles of
Nikolas Millán (to be Ramá III)
Reference style His Royal Highness
Spoken style Your Royal Highness
Alternative style My Liege

Domestically, Millán is officially addressed as "His Royal Highness".

His full royal title is as follows:

  • His Royal Highness, Sir Nicolás of Winchester, and of the Great House Millan, by the Grace of God Almighty, Crown Prince and Heir to the throne of The Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada, and Lands Represented by the Crowns of the Council of Four, Apostle of the Millanic Poonists, Most Reverend Titular of Canton, Most Reverend Titular of Granada Nicosi, Grand Vizier of the Grand Caliphate of Yochtia, Emir of Krallæklånt, King of Husplántæstain, Prince of Kánérshåv, Viceroy of Jonisla, Lord Admiral of the Imperial Millanian Navy, Commander of the First Imperial Army, Grand Duke of Sedo, Duke of Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi, Duke of Pasabrillo, Duke of Lichingrad, Duke of Husplántænarfjal, Duke of Granadine-Uchtaç, Duke of Asiata, Earl of Garnston, Earl of Gavinia, Sheikh in Duke, High Priest of Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi, K.O.E.D. O.I.L. M.G.B. K.C.M. K.C.S. K.C.V. K.C.X. K.C.E.

Which is in Millanic: Erío Ramaj, Eríl Nikolas de Winxestero, xu Gran Kastillo Millán, de ua Gratsia de Watakinkó, Pori xu eró Poramá Mijanja xu Granadía Noúva, xu Tería Republada del Konselo Kua, Apelso Punisas Mijanja, Titu Kantóna, Titu Granadía Nikosí, Gran Visiera Gran Kalifaía Yoktia, Emir Kralaka, Koning Husplántia, Pori Kenarhava, Vikeramá Jonisla, Gran Doga Sedó, Almira Armada Mijanja, Komana Mono Ekersa, Doga Granadía Nikosí, Doga Pasabrillo, Doga Lixina, Doga Husplantagarda, Doga Granadía-Oktaka, Doga Axata, Sheka en Doquia, Eralda Gaviña, Presto Granada Nikosí, E.O.D.E. O.L.I. M.V.A. E.K.M. E.K.S. E.K.V. E.K.X. E.K.E.


  • Flag of Iustus 2.png Order of the Iustian leaf
  • OED.jpg Knight of the Order of the Eastern Dragon
  • FLAGMNG.png Knight Commander in the Order of San Millán
  • FLAGMNG.png Knight Commander in the Order of Santiago I
  • FLAGMNG.png Knight Commander in the Order of The Virgin Mary
  • FLAGMNG.png Knight Commander in the Order of Millanian Excellence
  • FLAGMNG.png Knight Commander in the Order of The Millanian Empire
  • Dukenewflag.png Order of Sungkar
  • Posafgov.png Member in the Order of the Green Horse and Blue Lion


  • Crown Prince of the Millanian Empire
  • Lord Chamberlain of Millania and New Granada
  • Grand Vizier of the Grand Caliphate of Yochtia
  • President of the Second Federal Republic of Gran Colombia
  • Lord Admiral of the Millanian Navy
  • Executive Vice President of the MOF
  • Chairman of the Titles Commission of the MOF
  • Secretary-General of the United Micropact
  • Premier of Asiata in Posaf
  • Sheikh in Duke
  • Deputy Prime Minister in Duke

Former Positions

  • Prime Minister of the Empire of Iustus
  • Minister of Culture and Sports in the Popular Union of Occitania
  • Minister of the Spaniard Minority in the Popular Union of Occitania
  • Member of the Vergadering in the Popular Union of Occitania
  • Senator in Andany
  • Vizier of the Imperial Diet of Millania and New Granada
  • Member of the Presidential Advisory Council of Amissopia
  • Senator in Dragos