Carlos I, Emperor of Millania

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H.I.R.M. Chuty Tisquesusa II Carlos
Official Portrait of Chuty Tisquesusa II
Emperor of Millania
Assumed office
June 3, 2018
See list
  • Nicholas Randouler
    Charlotte Baxter-Bray
    Thomas Andersson
    Zoey Liu
Predecessor Chuty Tisquesusa I Santiago
Successor Nicolás Millán
Personal information
Born 11 February 1941 (1941-02-11) (age 83)
Bogotá, Colombia
Citizenship Millania
Nationality  w:Colombia
Ethnicity White Hispanic
Spouse(s) Empress Carmen
House House of Millán
Children Empress Emerita Marcela
Residence Palacio Bogotá, Avilia, Millania
Occupation Vice President of the Colombian Academy of Military History
Profession Navy Officer
Religion Roman Catholic
Military service
Allegiance Millania
Service/branch Millanian Navy
Colombian Navy
Rank Grand Admiral
Capitán de Navío
Unit ARC Caldas, ARC Almirante Padilla, ARC Tayrona
Commands Imperial Cantonese Fleet
Battles/wars Granadine-Cornosian Conflicts
Awkward Affair

HIRM Emperor Chuty Tisquesusa II Carlos is the second Emperor of Millania. Carlos I was de jure heir to the throne to his predecessor, Santiago I, because Crown Prince Nicolás was deemed too young to take the throne. Carlos was a Ship-of-the-line Captain (Capitán de Navío) in the Colombian Navy until his retirement, notably serving as captain of the frigates ARC Caldas and ARC Almirante Padilla and the Submarine ARC Tayrona. He also served in a communications post in Bogotá.

Early life

Carlos Prieto Ávila was born in February 11, 1941 in Bogotá, Colombia to parents Cosme Prieto and Rita Ávila. He grew up in the city, and was conscripted into the navy.

Reign as Emperor

The reign of Carlos has so far been notable for a huge expansion of the Empire, both in terms of size and population, and the establishment of the current Union. Carlos' reign has been celebrated as the most successful in Millanian history. With the admission of eleven prefectures, four territories, and six constituent realms (Yochtia (and Cornosia), Cordrica, Charlbrough, Anderssonia, and Kayutsastan). In his reign, two Chancellors have reigned, Charlotte Baxter-Bray and Thomas Andersson. He also oversaw the 2019 MOF Games, and the foundation of the Asia-Pacific Alliance.

Full Title

His Imperial and Royal Majesty Chuty Tisquesusa II Carlos of Bogotá, and of the Great House Prieto, by the Grace of God Almighty, of the Millanic Confederation Emperor;

King of Prietstina and of the Uribians;

President of the Council of Four;

Protector of Yochtia, of Cordrica and of Kayutsastan;

Duke of San Millán, of Prietona and of Yeetport;

Lord of Avilia and of Cornosina;

Grand General of the Army, Grand Admiral of the Navy, Grand Marshal of the Air Force;

Sovereign of the Sovereign Most Venerable Order of the Great Dragon of the East, Grandmaster of the Most Auspicious Order of San Millán and of the Most Excellent Order of Santiago the First, Grand Knight of the Most Serene Order of the Virgin Mary, of the Most Glorious Order of Millanian Excellence and of the Most Excellent Order of Millania.

Awards and Decorations

  • Sovereign of the Order of the Eastern Dragon
  • Grandmaster of the Order of San Millán
  • Grandmaster the Order of Santiago I
  • Grand Knight of the Order of The Virgin Mary
  • Grand Knight of the Order of Millanian Excellence
  • Grand Knight of the Order of The Millanian Empire

Military Postings