Political Factions of Millania

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Millania has operated under a multi-party system for all of its history. For elective offices at most levels, state-administered primary elections choose the major party nominees for subsequent general and prefectural elections. Since the general election of 2017, the major parties have been the Conservative Party, founded in 2017, and the Liberal Party, founded in 2017. The Chancillor is elected through a nationwide preferential system vote. The prefectures of the West, known as "turquoise region", are relatively liberal. The "red region" of Rio Alcalá are relatively conservative, and the Cantonese prefectures are known for far-left beliefs. In the Randouler I Parliament, both the House of Prefects and the House of Nobles are controlled by the Conservadores. The House of Burgesses consists of direct democratic positions and representatives; the House of Prefects consists of 5 elected officials.

Party Logo Party Leader Ideology Terataga
Parties Represented in the National Legislature
Conservative Party COP CP.png Nicholas Randouler Social Conservatism, Economic Liberalism
3 / 13
Liberal Party LIB LIB.png Austin Jaax Liberalism
1 / 13
Marketist Party MAR MAR.png Nicolás Millán Millanic Marketism, Integrationism
1 / 13
Charlotte Baxter-Bray Party CBB CBBPM2.png Charlotte Baxter-Bray Centrism, Environmentalism
1 / 13
Paisa! Bloc P!B P!B.png Multiple Leaders Liberalism, Latino Pride
1 / 13
Satterfield Republican Party SRP SRP.png Jack Satterfield Conservatism
1 / 13
Millanian Social Ecology MSE MSE.png Newton von Uberquie Social Ecology
1 / 13
Partido Comunista de Millania PCM CCSWP2.png Chau Khang Communism, Socialism
1 / 13
Independent or Vacant I N/A N/A N/A
2 / 13
Parties Not Represented on a Federal Level
Egalitarian Party IGA IPM2.png Derek Zhang Centrism, Constitutional Rights
0 / 5
Yochtese National Party YNP YNP.png Multiple Leaders Yochtese Nationalism
0 / 5

Defunct Parties

  • Republican Party (Dissolved)
  • Whig Party (Became Democratic Party)
  • Democratic Party (Merged into Liberal Party)
  • Worker's Party (Became CCSWP)
  • Chinese Communist-Socialist Worker's Party (Became PCM)
  • Topek Millania (Dissolved, Imperial Order XIII)
  • Imperial Monarchist Party (Dissolved, Imperial Order XIII)
  • Social Democratic Party Alliance (Dissolved, Imperial Order XIII)