Territories of Millania

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Millanian Territories are autonomous regions of the Empire, under direct rule of a Viceroy, preferably from the region. Crown Dependencies, Dominions, Overseas Collectivities, and Overseas Territories all have a form of autonomy under the crown, and Crown Colonies, ruled by the Emperor directly. Crown Colonies are usually newly conquered territory, which is being surveyed, or does not have sufficient development to become a territory.

Terrotories of Millania

Name Flag Viceroy Capital Population
Crown Colonies
Cornosina CORNOSIA.jpg HIRM Carlos I N/A 0
Alvaroa ALV.png Alvaro Millán Sepestrella 0
Crown Dependencies
Rattanakosin MSIAM.png Lord General Andersson Wākea 0
Potomácja BETHESDA.jpg Duke Jaime I Thornbush 0
Jonisla MHKOT.jpg Nicolas I Pasabrillo 0
Overseas Collectivities
Aguia MEDELLIN.jpg Duke Jaime I Polagrada 0
Overseas Territories
Navália CUNDINAMARCA.jpg HIRM Emperor Carlos I Sabara 0
Seria RINCONIA.jpg Santiago I Palmera 0