San Pedro de Las Indias

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Dominion of San Pedro de Las Indias Millanias
—  Dominion  —


Nickname(s): The Flowering Paradise
(Latin: "Further Beyond")
Mother Country Millania
Region America
Founded 6 April 2020
 - Captain General Jack Satterfield
 - Legislature Legislative Assembly
 - Total 0
Demonym Peterites
Time zone UTC -5:00 (PST)

San Pedro, officially the Dominion of San Pedro de Las Indias Millanias, is a dominion of Millania comprised of a residential property enclaved by the American town of St. Pete Beach, Florida.


The etymology of the name San Pedro comes from neighboring town Saint Petersburg, which itself got its name from St. Petersburg, Russia. de Las Indias differentiates it from other towns of the same name across Latin America.


Since its founding, San Pedro has become the only Dominion with a Legislative Assembly, and was founded in the interest of the Millanian presence in Florida.


San Pedro currently consists of two Municipalities; the capital, Ciudad de San Pedro, and Desta.


Captaincy General of San Pedro de Las Indias Millanias
Captain General's standard
Territorial Office
StyleHis Excellency
Member ofLegislative Assembly of San Pedro de Las Indias Millanias
Reports toHigh Commissioner of the Dominions Beyond the Seas
SeatCiudad de San Pedro
AppointerEmperor of Millania
First holderJack Satterfield
DeputyResident Commissioner

The government of San Pedro is locally administered by a legislative body, the Legislative Assembly (Spanish: Asamblea Legislativa) with the Captain General serving as president. The aforementioned Legislative Assembly serves as a legislative branch consisting of local residents and appointed liaisons who are tasked with proposing laws and regulations for the approval of the Captain General.

Captain General

The Captain General represents the Monarch within San Pedro and as such legally holds absolute power. As the final say within the colony on all matters of law, the Captain General is also the de facto head of the San Pedro de Las Indias High Court. The Captain General is also tasked with the administration the Legislative Assembly, the High Court, and the appointment of various government ministers.