Foreign Affairs of Millania

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Since Millania indulged in worldwide micronational acitivity in 2017, the primary goal of Millanian foreign relations was to maintain peaceful multilateral relations in the community. Millania has secondarily committed itself to pushing sectors of the community to increased levels of development, and to contribute the local micronational community and worldwide micronationalism in general.

Millania has established diplomatic relations in the form of formal and informal relationships since January 2018. The Principality of Posaf was the first nation to recognize Millania, upon request of the Millanian government to join the United Micropact. The number of micronations who have opened diplomatic relations with Millania has been steadily growing since that time.

Foreign Policy

Millania can recognize all states who meet all of the following requirements; Nations who claim territory only on earth, Nations whom follow all articles of the Montevideo Convention, Nations whom follow all articles of the Wrythe Convention, Nations whom have a population, some or all of whom live in a part of its territory.

Millania agrees, in principle, to the Geneva Conventions, the UN Charter, the Antarctic Treaty System, the Vienna Conventions, the Outer Space Treaty (in most cases), the Law of the Sea, the Luna Treaty, the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, the Patent Cooperation Treaty, Seabed Arms Control Treaty, Biological Weapons Convention, the Montreal Protocol, the Kyoto Protocol, the Rome Statute, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Millania has been known for its refusal to join the Union Against Micronational War. Millania historically has had a strong creed of creating peace independently, to show how the Pax Millania (Millanian Peace) is even more peaceful than all nations.

Macronational Diplomacy

Ambassadors and consuls

Ambassadors and Consuls General are diplomats assigned to a sovereign state, and consuls are assigned to a specific region or city within a sovereign state. The majority of ambassadors do not have embassies over which the Empire has claimed extraterritoriality. The current ambassadors appointed by the Foreign Office are:

  • Ambassador to Canada in Kingston: Rt. Hon. Ashley Jaax
  • Ambassador to Colombia: Empress Consort Carmenza Vargas Buitrago
    • Consul in Medellín: Infante Jaime Millán
    • Consul in Pereira: Infante Alvaro Millán
  • Consul to China in Hong Kong: Santiago Millán
  • Ambassador to Denmark: Thomas O'Reilly
  • Consul-General to Hong Kong and Macau: Rt. Hon. Zoey Liu
  • Ambassador to India in Bengaluru: Krishna Mohan Menon
  • Ambassador to Japan: Joseph von Werzberg
  • Ambassador to the Republic of Korea: Kunhee Daniel Lee
  • Ambassador to the United Kingdom: Matthew von Uberquie
  • Ambassador to the United Nations: Thomas Andersson
  • Ambassador to the United States of America: Infante Jaime Millán
    • Consul in New York (Northeast Region): Rt. Hon. Thomas Andersson
    • Consul in Florida (Southern Region): Rt. Hon. Jack Satterfield

Informal Relations/Tacit Recognition

Unilateral Recognition

Participation in International Organizations


  • Posafian Embassy to Millania (Pasabrillo)
  • Iustian Embassy to Millania (Pasabrillo)


Millania has official relations with:

Formal Recognition

  • Millanian Representative in the Sovereign order of the Eastern Dragon (2 Jun, 2018)
  • Millanian Ambassador to Posaf (11 Jan, 2018)
  • Millanian Ambassador to Iustus (10 April 2018)
  • Millanian Ambassador to Sabia and Verona (25 Nov, 2018)
  • Millanian Ambassador to Essexia (30 June 2019)

Unilateral Recognition

Notable Relationships

Millania Does Not Recognize

  • "Al-Qaeda" and all administered territories
  • "ISIS/ISIL" and all administered territories
  • "Hamas" and all administered territories