Ministry of Homeland Security

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Ministry of Homeland Security
Agency overview
Formed 1 December 2018
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Nicosi City
Employees 1
Minister responsible Thomas Andersson, Minister of Homeland Security

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Homeland Security
1 HRH Lord-General Sir Thomas Andersson Independent

The job of the Ministry of Homeland Security is to ensure the safety of the nation with methods including, but not limited to; Espionage, Crime Prevention and Police, and Coordination of the Military.

Intelligence Agency

The Intelligence Agency for the Millanian Commonwealth (IAMC), codenamed MI1 is Millania’s espionage service, and services all of , but not limited to, the following; protecting and sending confidential information, providing background checks on workers, and doing anything in the interest of the nation.


The Police force of Millania is responsible for all of, but not limited to, the following; crime prevention, punishment, amd espionage.