Ministry of Homeland Security

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Ministry of National Defence
Ministerio de Defensa Nacional
Agency overview
Formed 1 December 2018
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Nicosi City
Employees 1
Minister responsible Sgen. Thomas Andersson

The Ministry of National Defence is the government body responsible for planning, developing and carrying out the defence policy and managing military administration. It is the administrative and executive body of the Millanian Armed Forces, except in times of war.

Secretariats and Offices

  • Armed Forces Joint Council
    • The Lord General of the Army
    • The Lord Admiral of the Navy
    • The Lord Marshal of the Aviation Force
    • The Primus Pilus of the Imperial Guard
    • The Lieutennant General of the Police
  • Defence Secretariat
    • Logistical Office
    • Information and Communications Office
  • Immigration Secretariat
    • Customs and Excise Office
  • Personnel Secretariat
    • Economic and Payroll Services Office
    • Legal Office
    • Military Punishment Office


List of Ministers

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Homeland Security
1 HRH Lord-General Sir Thomas Andersson Independent