Granadine-Cornosian Wars

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Conflict: The Granadine-Cornosian War
Date: Jan 2018 - 2 June 2018
Place: Canton (now Seilung Gong)
Outcome: Signing of the Treaties of Pasabrillo and Lichingrad.
FLAGMNG.pngImperial Empire of Millania and New Granada

FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpegKingdom of Arbreland (Formerly the Official Republic of Natia)

AND.jpg Kingdom of Anderssonia

KINCOR.pngSmithlandia of Kentucky (after May 15 Kingdom of Cornosia)
FLAGMNG.pngLord Admiral HRH Nicolas I

FLAGMNG.pngEdmund Howell

FlagOfAbrelandOfficial.jpeg Nathan Smith

AND.jpgLord General HRH Mansa Toeka II

KINCOR.pngSir Connor III
12 soldiers (10 Millania and 2 Natia) 45 soldiers
0 (5 injuries) 0 (3 injuries)

First Granadine-Cornosian War

Millania asked the government of Smithlandia of Kentucky for a formal unification of nations. On January 15, The Smithlandians responded by declaring war on Millania. At 2:17 p.m. 17 January 2018, Smithlandia of Kentucky agreed to cede its land over to the Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada, ending the Millania-Smithlandian war. Smithlandia was split into 2 duchies: the Grand Duchy of Howell, and the Duchy of Smithland.

Cornosian rebellion

The Cornosian rebellion, also known as the Millanian Civil War, began on 28 January 2018, when Connor Smith, Duke and former dictator of Smithlandia, declared independence with no prior notice, and then declared war once more. Thus, the second war began. In late morning, an unprecedented activity of great magnitude took place - The end of the Cornosian Rebellion. At exactly 11:00am HKT, June 2, 2018, a treaty was signed between the Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada and the rebel Cornosian government, ending the Cornosian rebellion.

Battle of Stanley

The Battle of Stanley began when Cornosian troops attacked Millanian officials in a field. The First Tercio Regiment quickly retaliated and protected the officials. Cornosian forces began a brawl, causing injuries to multiple soldiers. Cornosian forces eventually retreated across the field, resulting in a Millanian victory.

Battle of Tregunter Pass

The Battle of Tregunter Pass is the only battle involving guns with some known effect. The battle was arranged after the King of Cornosia challenged the Crown Prince of Millania to lead his forces personally. Millanian forces were cornered, and eventually ran out of supplies. After troops snuck behind the Cornosian line to provide relief, Millanian forces began a flanking maneuver, and forced a Cornosian surrender.

Millanian Unification

Four leaders came together, beginning the Summit of the Four Kingdoms. The Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada, the Grand Sultanate of Howelliville, the Kingdom of Anderssonia, and Smithlandia of Kentucky (Now Cornosia). Representatives of the House of Uribe, the Kingdom of Prietstein (a constituent kingdom of Millania), the Shogunate of Canton, the Order of the Great Dragon of the East, the House of Ávila, the House of Vargas, and the House of Butler were all present. They all (with the notable exception of Anderssonia) decided to Unite under the banner of Millania. Therefore, the Imperial Empire of Millania and New Granada, and Lands represented by the Crown, was to be known as the United Kingdoms of Millania and New Granada, and Lands Represented by the Crowns of the Council of Four. The Millanian Parliament added Two Seats in the following elections for Howelliville, and Cornosia. The Millanian Imperial Family remained the leading force in Millania, but a strong federation was formed between the following kingdoms, yet even with their own kings, the leaders swore allegiance to the the Millanian Crown; The Millanian Empire, The Sultanate of Howelliville, The Kingdom of Cornosia, The Shogunate of Canton, The Kingdom of Prietstein, The Barony of Uribia, The Duchy of Llamashimananu, (The previous four are constituent Kingdoms led by the House of Millán,) The Order of the Great Dragon of the East, and Anderssonia (Becoming a Millanian Commonwealth State, wanting to carry out its affairs independently instead of unification.) The Order of the Great Dragon of the East became a Sovereign Order, serving the UMNG, and the Millanian Commonwealth. The now Sovereign Order has No Territory, however will be Headquartered in Imperia, Canton. The Meeting Place of UMNG officials became the city of Imperia, in Canton, due to the fact that palaces of the four kingdoms are situated there, however the Imperial capital remains Nicosi.