Smithlandia of Kentucky

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Smithlandia of Kentucky
Motto: Viva La Smithlandia
CapitalCornosina D.C
Official languagesEnglish, Welsh, Nepalese
LegislatureHouse of the Golden Dragon
CurrencyUS dollar

Sir Connor III is the King of Smithlandia. The kingdom's size is 9.67 Hectares and has an army of 45. The Minister of Homeland Security, the Minister of Minting and Currency Trevor Smith is the Original King of Smithlandia.

Smithlandia was formed on 9 January 2018. Leader Sir Connor The III Of Smithlandia claimed dis land and declared it be called: Smithlandia of Kentucky. The motto is " VIVE LA SMITHLANDIA". This Saying originated during WWII when Hitler was invading France. The French would say " Vive la France" meaning " Long Live France" in the way Smithlandians say " VIVE LA SMITHLANDIA", or " LONG LIVE SMITHLANDIA". At first, there was a population of 23 from the royal family, Since Then many people have come to live in Smithlandia. The national anthem is: this link


People's Republic


Smithland has a small, but strong and rapidly advancing army of 92. Its forces include Airforce: 1 SR-71 blackbird and 3 F-16 bomber's, and 52 troops. Navy: 3 Frigates, 1 USS destroyer, and 10 brave souls. The Infantry and Artillery: 4 RT- 34 Panzer Tanks, 10 32-56 Jeeps, and 30 Troops. Our nations army is rapidly advancing in Power and technology. It is working towards nuclear capabilities for defense against Countries as large as the USA. The Vision scientists are getting close to Nuclear capabilities making the future of Smithland much brighter. The newest addition is we have made H-bombs and have them readied at Millania if they try to win the war


The Currency is the US dollar bill. in 1861 needing money to finance the Civil war[clarification needed], The congress authorized the issuance of "Demand Notes" In 5 dollar, 10 dollar, and 20 dollar denominations. The "Demand Notes" were named "Demand Notes" because one could exchange them for coins on Demand. In 1862, The US released the 1 dollar bill.


Smithlandia is a monarchy.