National Symbols of Millania

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Flag of Millania

Name National flag and ensign FIAV normal.svg
Use Civil flag and civil ensign
Proportion 1:1.3
Adopted 8 January 2018
Design A golden stripe on the pole side, on a blue background. A star sits in the center of the golden bar. A swallowtail banner.

National Flag

The Millanian flag's color representations are; Blue for the People, skies and sea, Silver for peace, and Gold for, the Emperor, and the Government. The Star represents the beaming rays of empire. The swallowtail design represents the mountainous terrain, and a guide to the future. It was adopted on January 8, 2018.


The flag ratio is 1:1.3 (height/width). The colours are:

Scheme Silver White Navy Blue Gold
Hex #COCOCO #FFFFFF #000080 #FFD700

Coat of Arms of the Millanian Empire

Name Coat of Arms
Adopted 15 May 2018
Design Escutcheon depicting a lion of gold, rampant, holding two wheels of the same metal, supported by the Angel of Justice, and a goat in a chain representative of Llamashimananu, On a mantle of flora and fauna, a fort on top of the escutcheon, in front of drape mantle, on top of imperial condor.

Coat of Arms

The escutcheon (shield), is supported by the Angel of Justice on the left, and a chained goat representing House Llamas on the right. The crest of the shield is a fort, representing Granada Nicosi. The shield's mantle is a bunch of flowers, representing the forests by the River. Behind this is a drape mantle below a crest, the Emperor's Crown, which represents the Emperor's dominion over the country. Below the helm is the escutcheon itself, depicting a lion of gold, rampant, holding two wheels of the same metal. This is centred in front of the Imperial Condor, stretching the Emperor's dominion even farther (The Uribian Empire). The Condor's wings encompass multiple escutcheons, from left to right are House Smith, House Millán, House Bray, House Butler, House Ávila, House Uribe, House Prieto, and House Howell. The medallions of Sean Poon and the Order of the Eastern Dragon, is draped at the bottom of the escutcheon.