National Symbols of Millania

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Flag of Millania

NameNational flag and ensign
UseCivil flag and civil ensign
Adopted8 January 2018
DesignA golden stripe on the pole side, on a blue background. A star sits in the center of the golden bar. A swallowtail banner.

The national flag of Millania is a flag with three tails containing a navy field and a yellow band with a star of Empire on the hoist. This flag is officially called the Starlit Sky, or unofficially, Celolustreja.


The Millanian flag has two mourning styles. One is to display the flag at half-staff. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also hoists the flag at half-staff when a funeral is performed for a foreign head of state. The second style is to wrap the finial with black cloth and place a black ribbon or pennant (known as a Sekorabanera) below the flag. This style is used during solemn occasions where significant tragedies within the nation occur. The Emperor has the authority to announce the half-staffing of the national flag. A similar yellow ribbon or pennant (or Kokoningxibanera) is attached below the flag in times of war.

The Millanian flag must be raised and lowered daily at Imperial palaces (los Palacios Imperial, Palacio Lichingrad, and Palacio Bogotá); ministries; Terataga; diplomatic missions; and at National, prefectural and local institutions. businesses and schools are permitted to fly the flag from opening to closing.

The Millanian flag may fly from sunrise until sunset. When the flag becomes unsuitable to use, it is customarily burned in private by the military or scouts in a special ceremony performed in daylight. The law regarding the National Flag and Anthem does not specify on how the flag may be used.

The Civil and Naval ensigns are always dipped once in greeting towards foreign ships, and thrice to ships bearing the Civil or Naval ensign.



The flag ratio is 1:1.3 (height/width). The colours are:

Scheme Silver White Navy Blue Gold
Hex #COCOCO #FFFFFF #000080 #FFD700

List of flags


Constituent Realms

Imperial Standards

Military Colours of the Imperial Family

Military Flags



Coat of Arms of the Millanian Empire

NameCoat of Arms
Adopted15 May 2018
DesignEscutcheon depicting a lion of gold, rampant, holding two wheels of the same metal, supported by the Angel of Justice, and a goat in a chain representative of Llamashimananu, On a mantle of flora and fauna, a fort on top of the escutcheon, in front of drape mantle, on top of imperial condor.

Coat of Arms

Quarterly, first quarter quarterly, first quarter per pale Or a mountain with three tops Proper and a tree Proper, and Gules three fesses Vert, cotticised Or (for the House of Llamas), second quarter Gules, a lion rampant Or holding two wheels Or langued Gules, all within a bordure chequy Azure and Argent (For the House of Millán), third quarter Argent, two dogs passant Sable, all within a bordure Gules charged with seven Saltires Or and in chief a castle Proper atop ocean waves Proper (For the House of Prieto), fourth quarter Or, three bends Vert, (For the House of Uribe Uribe); second quarter per pale per fess Or and Sable a tower masoned Argent and ajoure Sable (for Yeetport and Koraliland), Argent and Gules a tower masoned Argent and ajoure Sable (for Cornosia); third quarter per fess Vert, a fess Gules a fortress Or surmounted by a lion passant Or (for Sirusia), Gules a galleon Proper (for the Orient and the Dominions Beyond the Seas); fourth quarter per fess Gules a knight on horseback Proper (for Granada Nicosi), Sable the Holy Virgin Mary holding Baby Jesus, King of the Jews Proper, overall an escutcheon Gules bordure Azure (for the Calochoan Prefectures), a national star of Empire with eight points Or (for the regnant Greater House of Prieto Llamas y Millán Uribe Uribe), the whole surrounded by the Most Auspicious Order of San Millán; Surmounted by a yolk Or and tied with a rope Gules, an Imperial star of Empire with sixteen points Or Proper, and nine arrows Gules tipped and fletched Argent and tied with a rope Gules; the whole placed on a mantle Murrey with ermine lining, fringes and tassels Or and nine Imperial eagle seals Proper and ensigned with a crown Or surrounded by three wreaths of sixteen, sixteen, and twenty coffee flowers Or in ascending order, nine, eight, and eleven shown in ascending order, and two rings of six ovals Or, four shown in each row, the second ring of flowers broken with an escutcheon Or Proper, an Imperial star of Empire with sixteen points Or Proper; surmounted by a monde Or with its equator, its upper half-meridian and a cross pattée Or, the crown capped Tenné (the Millanian Imperial Crown) surmounted by the motto MISERIS SVCERRE DISCO lettered in Argent on a riband Or, broken in twain by an Imperial star of Empire with sixteen points Or Proper; rising from the mantle dexter a lance Or, attached a banner Gules, an Imperial star of Empire with sixteen points Or Proper with fringes Or, sinister a lance Or, attached banner Azure, with a band Or charged with a national star of Empire with eight points Argent at the hoist; for Supporters, dexter an angel Proper (the guardian angel of Millania), sinister Saint Emilianus of La Cogolla armed and bearded (San Millán).