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Liu Ministry
5th ministry of Millania

Date formed 22 February 2020
People and organizations
Head of government Zoey Liu
Head of state Carlos I
Member party Liberals
Status in legislature Coalition
Opposition party Conservatives
Opposition leader Jack Satterfield
Election(s) 2020 I
Legislature term(s) 5th Cartegasa
Previous Andersson Ministry

The Cartegasa or the Imperial Cabinet of Millania is the body of Government ministers responsible for the governance and administration of Millania, composed of the Chancellor, the Lord Chamberlain, and 10 government ministries. The Govenrment ministers are appointed directly by the Emperor and each minister is appointed to their respective porfolios, of which there are currently 10.

Current members

Overall composition

Portfolio Name Term Party
Ministers of the 5th Cartegasa
Monarch H.I.R.M. Carlos I 1 December 2017 Reigning N/A
Chancellor Zoey Liu MT Incumbent L
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Leader of the Opposition Jack Satterfield MT Incumbent R
Lord Exchequer
Lord Chamberlain H.R.H. Nicolás Millán MT Incumbent M
Minister of the Interior
Minister of Records and Archives Newton von Uberquie Incumbent SE
Minister of National Defense H.R.M. Lge. Thomas Andersson MT Incumbent N/A
Chancellor of the Exchequer Stephen Freayth MT Incumbent C
Minister of Culture H.E. Charlotte Baxter-Bray MT Incumbent CB
Minister of Welfare Nicholas Randouler MT Incumbent C
Minister of Infrastructure H.E. Thomas Kap Incumbent C
Minister of the Environment and Agriculture Ashley Jaax MT Incumbent L
Also attending cabinet meetings
Minister Without Portfolio Jayden Lycon Incumbent N/A
Imperial Representative H.R.H. Antonia Millán Incumbent P!
Imperial Representative H.I.R.M. Santiago I Incumbent M