Ministry of Treasury (Millania)

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Ministry of Treasury
Ministerio del Tesoro
Agency overview
Formed 8 January 2018
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Granada Nicosi
Employees 1
Minister responsible Stephen Freayth, Chancellor of the Exchequer

The Ministry of Treasury is the government body responsible for planning and carrying out the government policy on public finance and budget, and the printing and distribution of currency.


  • Finance Secretariat
  • Regional and Local Financing Office
  • Tax Office
  • Office for the Cadastre.
  • Budgets and Expenditures Secretariat
  • Budget Office


  • Pasabrillo School of Fiscal Studies
  • Imperial Mint

List of Ministers

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Treasury
1 HE Dame Charlotte Baxter-Bray CBBP