Ministry of Communications (Millania)

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Ministry of the Interior
Ministerio del Interior
Agency overview
Formed 1 December 2017
Jurisdiction Millania
Headquarters Pasabrillo
Employees 1
Minister responsible H.R.H. Nicolás Millán

The Ministry of the Interior (Spanish: Ministerio del Interior) is the government body in charge of managing the relations between the national government and the local administrative divisions; the relations between the various government branches; the relations between the Government and vulnerable populations; communications within and from Millania; press media; and public relations.

Secretariats and Offices

  • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Justice Secretariat
  • Internal Government Relations Secretariat
  • Religious Freedom Office
  • Equality Office
  • Catholic Church Relations Secretariat
  • Communications Office
  • Post and Mail Office
  • Electoral Commission of Millania (autonomous office)
  • Public Relations Secretariat
  • Press and Media Relations Office

List of Ministers

# Portait Name Party
Minister of Communications
1 Jackson Mariano Conservatives