Millanic Language

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Modern Millanic
Millánez Noúva
Native speakers
~5  (2019)
Early forms
Linijkitan Proto-Millanic
  • Early Old Millanic
    • Middle Old Millanic
      • Middle Millanic
        • Modern Millanic
Lake Script
River Script
Official status
Official language in
FLAGMNG.png Millania
Recognised minority language in
Charlbrough, Gran Colombia, Anderssonia (Ugwadule)
Regulated by Eskubrio Millánez

The Millanic language (tongua millanéz) is a constructed language developed and spoken in the Union of Millania and New Granada. The use of the language is regulated by the Eskúbrio Millánez ("College of Millanic"), created in 2018. Before this, the Millanic Language Association served as the the main authority in the Millanic language. The use of the Millanic language is protected by the Millanian Nakjatsa, which names it as the official language of the Empire.

The Millanic language began to be developed in late 2015 as what is now known as Linijkitan or Linijkitan Proto-Millanic, for its use as a code language. Modern Millanic is chiefly based upon the languages of Spanish, Old Sabian, Mandarin and Kepthai. The language has gone through several reforms leading up to its current form, Modern Millanic. The last considerable language reform was implemented by the Millanic Language Association in May 2018, completely removing Middle Millanic (also known as New Millanic), and replacing it with a more sophisticated dictionary, as well as the addition of letters /ñ/ and /ll/.