Broader Millanic Languages

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Broader Millanic
Native toMillania
Official status
Regulated byEskubrio Millanéz
Asosiacion Lingua Milanes

The Broader Millanic languages (Millanic: tonguás gran millanéz; Middle Millanic: lingua brodera mijanja) is a group of conlangs developed and used in Millania. While technically the Millanic languages include Linijkitan, and Middle Old Millanic, all now defunct predecessors of the current used Millanic languages, only Middle Millanic and Modern Millanic are considered relevant to the context of Millanic languages today.

It has been proposed that the Kepthai Language and the Yochtese Language joins Middle Millanic and Modern Millanic in the Broader Millanic family, but many oppose it due to Kepthai not being an Indo-European Language and Yochtese not being an Italic Language.