Granada Nicosi

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Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi D.C.
Sakarada Faíþa dem Granada Nikosi T.K.
—  Prefecture, Capital District  —


Nickname(s): "City of Kings"
Mother Country FLAGMNG.png Millania
Incorporated 1 December 2017
Founder H.R.H. Sir Nicolás Millán
Prefectural Capital None
 - Prefect-Mayor Edmund Howell
Population (2018)
 - Total 5
Demonym Nicosics
Time zone UTC -5:30 (EMT)
ZIP code 1--
Vehicle registration GN ---

Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi, D.C., or Granada Nicosi, is the capital and largest city in the Union of Millania and New Granada by non-residential population.

It is planned that Granada Nicosi be the site of the Imperial Summer Residence, and National Building.

Ceremonial Name

The ceremonial name of the capital is:

Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi, Distrito Capital, sede del Emperador, Fortaleza de la Fe Cristiana, Magnífica Ciudad de los Cuatro Reyes, Gran Ciudad de los Palacios Reales, Erigida por el Gran Emperador Santiago el Primero,

and can be translated to:

Holy Faith de Granada Nicosi, Capital District, seat of the Emperor, Stronghold of the Christian Faith, Magnificent City of the Four Kings, Great City of Royal Palaces, Erected by the Great Emperor Santiago the First.