Cities in Millania

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This is a list of the cities in Millania. Millania has a relatively high reported level of urbanization, the vast majority of the population living in cities. Prefectural capitals are usually also the largest city in their respective prefecture. Some of the main Millanian cities are planned cities.

Cities are designated by their statistical population rather than residential, which must have a population of three or above. This designation can also be given if the settlement is a town with significant influence in its region and the nation at large. Two separate wards in Granada Nicosi are of city status, though the prefecture itself counts as one city.

City Prefecture Population
Santa Fé de Granada Nicosi, D.C. not applicable 6
Prietona Prietstina 4
Pasabrillo (Chienshei Wan) Seilung 3
San Millán de las Indias Uribia 3
Arbolea Santamaría 3
Tregunter Fushan 2
Yiti'apo'tl Llamashimananu 2
Puerto Alcalá Rio Alcalá 2