Administrative Divisions of the Four Kingdoms of Millania

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Millania's Administrative divisions are notable for its extremely complicated system of classification, each separate constituent realm also having its own distinct system.


Prefectural Map of Mainland Millania.
Municipal Map of Mainland Millania.
Name Flag Leader Capital Population
Constituent Kingdoms
Millanian Empire H.I.R.M. Emperor Carlos I Granada Nicosi, D.C., Pasabrillo 45
Principality of Yochtia H.S.H. Princess Antonia Yåktspøða (Yeetport) 16
Principality of Cordrica H.S.H. Prince Nicolás New Babougrad 1
Free Commonwealth of Kayutsastan H.E. Captain Regent Thomas Kap Chatham 35


As afforded by the Nakjatsa, the primary top-level administrative division, under a unitary state, is the prefecture. There are currently eighteen prefectures under four distinct classes:

  • Prefectures are the most common type of prefecture. Nine out of the eighteen prefectures are under this class. Prefectures are characterized by having a capital city or town, which affords them a Prefect, a leader of the division.
  • Circuits are prefectures found in the region of Hong Kong. There are two circuits; Seilung and Fushan. Circuits are fundamentally functionally the same as prefectures, but are instead led by Daimyōs, the second oldest system of nobility in Millania, now only existent in administrative roles and with no noble benefits.
  • Provinces are prefectures whose capital is a village, and thus do not meet the requirement to have a prefect. These prefectures are directly administered by the National Government. Six out of the eighteen prefectures are provinces.
  • Metropolitan Prefectures are prefectures which consist of a national capital, and are led by Prefect-Mayors. The only metropolitan prefecture is Granada Nicosi, D.C..

High Departments and Departments are the other top level under the unitary state, however do not have a population. There are currently none of these subdivisions, however, there used to be eleven.


Millania's Territories are plots of land which are not in the mainland of Millania or do not fit within the sphere of influence of the Oriental Prefectures. Crown Dependencies, Dominions, Overseas Collectivities, and Overseas Territories all have varying degrees of autonomy under the Crown, which is unspecified in the Constitution, however, it is noted that Crown Dependencies are the closest in autonomy to a prefecture. Crown Colonies are ruled by the Emperor directly.


Millania separates its second-level administrative divisions into municipalities, which can be grouped into five classes:

  • Villages are settlements which have an exceedingly small population, and possibly are ceremonial capitals,
  • Towns are settlements with small populations, and have mayors,
  • Cities are settlements which have moderate to large populations, and have mayors,
  • Corregimientos are either unpopulated or uninhabitable parts of prefectures, usually ruled by neighboring villages, towns, or cities, and
  • Special Wards are municipal level wards, only found in Granada Nicosi, D.C..

The only existing bottom-level administrative divisions in Millania are the wards of Pasabrillo, of which there are three.

Regions and Masses

Millania is traditionally divided into four integrated regions, (plus Andea, a group of territories in Antioquia and Risaralda, and Isla Larga, a group of divisions in New York), and five overseas regions. These regions are not official administrative units, but are used for regional division in a number of contexts. For instance, maps divide Millania into the eight (or nine) regions, weather reports usually give the weather by mass, and some businesses and institutions use their home region as part of their name.

Andea is often regarded as its own ninth region, due to the territories having close proximity to the mainland, and having similar geographic and cultural traits. Millanian Rattanakosin and Tsizau are usually grouped with Victoria.

Each region groups several of the country's 10 prefectures, 2 Oriental territories, and 2 Andean territories. Of the two main contiguous landmasses (classified as masses; the Mainland and the Oriental Prefectures), the Oriental Prefectures make up a region while the Mainland is divided into six regions. The other territories around the world are usually included in Bolivar, but are sometimes treated as their own ninth, tenth, and eleventh regions.

Administrative Divisions of Millania

Division Type Region Realm Prefect Capital
Granada Nicosi, D.C. Metrop. Prefecture Ancacho Millania Finley Liu not applicable 5
Prietstina Prefecture Monteprieto Millania Ashley Jaax Prietona 3
Uribia Prefecture Uribia Millania HIRM Santiago San Millán de las Indias 3
Llamaya Prefecture Uribia Millania Jack Satterfield Santiago de las Indias 2
Rio Alcalá Prefecture Ancacho Millania Carlos I Puerto Alcalá 2
Seilung Gong Circuit Victoria Millania Charlotte Baxter-Bray Pasabrillo 4
Saam Fushan Circuit Victoria Millania Zoey Liu Tregunter 2
Calocho Prefecture Monteprieto Millania Lora Oh Ciudad Calocho 2
Embaldosado Prefecture Andea Millania Mika Livne Sepestrella 0
Soledad Prefecture Andea Millania Ramiro Millán Río Blanco 0
Caribea Province Caribe Millania HIRM Santiago Palmas 0
Yåktspøða (Yeetport) Circuit Isla Larga Yochtia Edmund Howell not applicable 2
Krallæklånt (Koraliland) Prefecture Isla Larga Yochtia Nicolás Millán Kralliyigårt 2
Cornosina Circuit Victoria Yochtia Connor Smith Kánérshåv (Kanershoff) 4
Greater Chatham Region Isla Larga Kayutsastan Thomas Kap Chatham 1
Klixan Region Europe Kayutsastan Sieghard Rahtke Neuklixubellstadt 1
Jazhir Region Isla Larga Kayutsastan Teymur Abbasov Jazhir-by-the-Sea 1
New Sarasota Region Caribe Kayutsastan Lolita Welkos Welkosia 2
Greater Hainan Region Isla Larga Kayutsastan Enrico Muller Hainan 1
Lakarta Region Europe Kayutsastan Thomas Kap not applicable 4
Ilshowk Region Europe Kayutsastan Thomas Kap Kochrodam 2
Crown Dependencies
Crise Dependency Overseas Millania Thomas Andersson Nai Thon Lek 0
Potomac Dependency Overseas Millania Jaime Millán Thornbush 0
Tsizau Dependency Victoria Millania Nicolás Millán Pasabrillo 0
Avilia Dependency Andea Millania HIRM Carlos I Sabara 0
San Pedro Dominion Caribe Millania Jack Satterfield Ciudad de San Pedro 0
Anderssonia Dominion Isla Larga Millania Thomas Andersson Anderstad 5
San Nicolás Dependency Andea Millania Luz Maria Uribe Lealtad 0
Overseas Collectivities
Entrelbosque Collectivity Andea Millania Jaime Millán Polagrada 0
Terryshire-Upon-Chelmer Collectivity Overseas Millania Terry Territon 0
Titán Collectivity Overseas Millania Aidan McGrath Ciudad de Titán 0
Overseas Territories
Crown Colonies