Administrative Divisions of the Four Kingdoms of Millania

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Millania's Administrative divisions are very complicated, having different types in each separate kingdom. Millania has administrative divisions, the most integrated areas, under a Unitary State, using the prefecture system, followed by High Departments, and Departments, also under the Unitary State, but unpopulated, then Crown Dependencies, then Dominions, then Overseas Collectivities, then Overseas Territories, which all hava a form of autonomy under the crown, then Crown Colonies, ruled by the Emperor directly. Its capital is located within the Colombian Mainland Prefectures, itself acting as a prefecture. It’s full name is Santa Fe de Granada Nicosi, D.C. Yochtia seperates its divisions into Emirates, under a Unitary State under the Yochtese Crown and Terataga, a Principality, and a Kingdom, with autonomy.

Prefectural Map of Mainland Millania.
Municipal Map of Mainland Millania.
Name Flag Leader Capital Population
Constituent Kingdoms
Millanian Empire LLAMASHIMANANU.jpg H.I.R.M. Sir Carlos I Nicosi 35
Grand Caliphate of Yochtia SULHOW.png H.R.C.H. Sir Edmund I Yåktspøða 16
Duchy of Charlbrough CHARLBROUGH.png H.E. Dame Charlotte Charlbrough Proper 6
Princely Electorate of Sirusia SIRUSIA.png H.E. Prince-Elector Nicolás Nueva España 1

Administrative Divisions of Millania

Name Flag Prefect Capital Population
Nicosi City NICOSI.jpg Edmund Howell N/A 5
Prietstina PRIETSTEIN.jpg Austin Jaax Prietona 3
Uribia URIBIA.jpg Risa Resnick Risaralda 3
Llamashimananu LLAMASHIMANANU1.jpg Jackson Mariano Yitiapotl 2
Rio Alcalá LLAMASHIMANANU.jpg Nicholas Randouler Puerto Alcala 2
Seilung Gong SEILUNG.png Charlotte Baxter-Bray Pasabrillo 4
Saam Fushan FUSHAN.png Ethan Leung Tregunter 2
Sur Dela Valla SURDELAVALLA.png Nicholas Randouler Santiago 2
De Calocho DECALOCHO.png Thomas Andersson Ciudad Calocho 2
Crown Colonies
Cornosina CORNOSIA.jpg HIRM Carlos I N/A 0
Alvaroa ALV.png Alvaro Millán Sepestrella 0
Crown Dependencies
Millanian Siam MSIAM.png Thomas Andersson Wākea 0
Potomácja BETHESDA.jpg Jaime Millán Thornbush 0
Jonisla MHKOT.jpg Nicolás Millán Pasabrillo 0
Overseas Collectivities
Aguia MEDELLIN.jpg Jaime Millán Polagrada 0
Overseas Territories
Navália CUNDINAMARCA.jpg HIRM Carlos I Sabara 0
Seria RINCONIA.jpg HE Santiago I Palmera 0

Administrative Divisions of Yochtia

Name Flag Emir Capital Population
Yåktspøða N/A H.R.C.H. Sir Edmund Howell I N/A 2
Krallæklånt N/A H.E. Nicolás I Kralliyigårt 2
Lusitanslånt N/A H.R.H. Lucy Howell Lucitansgårt 1
Ululånt N/A H.R.C.H. Sir Edmund Howell I Ulugårt 1
Husplántæstain N/A H.E. Nicolás Millán Kalifssgårt 4
Kánérshåv N/A H.E. Nicolás Millán Sultansgårt 3